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Interview with Will Shewfelt


Will Shewfelt, who will portray Brody the Red Ranger in the upcoming season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, was kind enough to give his first fan interview to NinjaSteel.Ucoz.Com.

In the interview, Will talks about an “unexpected surprise” for the Ninja Steel Red Ranger, as well as the cast’s overall chemistry since they’ve relocated to New Zealand for filming.

Fans can read the entire interview below. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is expected to premiere in January 2017 on Nickelodeon.

Q: When and how did you know that you were the new Red Ranger?
A: It was a goal of mine to become the Red Ranger for a while. When I auditioned, we don’t choose who we’re auditioning for. Luckily, the casting team believed I would be a good fit for the role of Brody, the Red Ranger!

Q: Have you made friends with the rest of the Rangers?
A: The rest of the cast and all of the rangers have been fantastic friends already. We all get along so well and it truly is like having a second family now. I’m excited to working long hours with them in New Zealand!

Q: Have you read the script? Do you like it? What can you say about the new Red Ranger?
A: The Red Ranger this season will be different than he’s ever been portrayed. Expect a lot of leadership, hot-headedness, and an unexpected surprise from him!

Q: What do you expect from this new season?
A: I expect one of the best seasons Power Rangers has ever had! We have the best teams put together with fantastic actors, writers, production team, and directors. Most of all, we are all passionate about making this an unforgettable season and I believe this will shine through to the fans.

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