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JDF “In Talks” For Green Ranger Spinoff


Jason David Frank, best known as playing the original Mighty Morphin’ Green Power Ranger, is apparently in talks with Saban Brands to create a spinoff series based on the Green Ranger.

Frank, who was recently cast as Bloodshot in the Valiant Comics universe, recently conducted a series of press interviews at New York Comic-Con 2016. Per Comicbook.com, the actor claims that plans for a Green Ranger spinoff series are still on the table with Saban Brands, and could wind up happening in the future.

“He (Bloodshot director Aaron Schoenke) came to the house and we talked about the Green Ranger series with Saban, which is not dead yet…I got a lot of big things coming out next year. We’re talking with Saban about the Green Ranger series.”

Nonetheless, despite talks being ongoing, Frank currently remains more excited about his upcoming role as Bloodshot, rather than a reprisal role as Tommy Oliver.

“I’m really more passionate about Bloodshot just because I probably put more time into it because it wasn’t a Japanese footage show, Power Rangers was, so it was kind of hard to put it together. I read a lot. There’s a lot I would do.”

There are currently no further details on the spinoff series, including how it would be released to the public (TV? Netflix?), or how it would align with Power Rangers continuity. Stay with us as more details potentially surface.

5 thoughts on “JDF “In Talks” For Green Ranger Spinoff

    1. He isn’t lying, in 2013 or 14 (can’t remember correctly) they talked about a Green Ranger movie but that didn’t happen because of the reboot movie and the idea must have stuck to maybe create a series. I’m not saying it will happen though.

  1. I want to hear word from Saban about this! Such a cool idea, the Bat in the Sun green ranger fight was great. Need more!

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