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JDF: “Lionsgate Has a Trilogy of Power Rangers Movies”


As fans eagerly await a potential sequel announcement for Saban’s Power Rangers movie from Lionsgate (key word: potential), Jason David Frank may have let out a clue on the franchise’s future.

In an interview at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) last weekend, the actor who portrayed Tommy Oliver on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers claimed that Lionsgate is still planning a trilogy of Power Rangers movies. And to no surprise, the second movie will be focused on the re-imagination of Frank’s character, the Green Ranger.

“They have a trilogy of movies. Obviously the second one will be about the Green Ranger so we know it’ll be the best one of all time. But I’m biased.” – Jason David Frank in an interview with Journalist Without A Beat.

If Frank’s comments hold true, it would appear that Lionsgate has backed off of Haim Saban’s heavily reported “plan for six movies”. But still, news of a potential trilogy should delight Power Rangers fans, who have begun to question the franchise’s future following the first movie’s mediocre box office run.

Saban’s Power Rangers currently stands at $85 million domestically through six weeks, with a highly positive reception from audiences who attended. However, it is the film’s poor performance overseas which has brought future sequels into question, currently standing at a mere $50 million total in over 60 overseas markets.

Frank was also asked what he would like to see from the eventual actor who is tasked with re-imagining his iconic character. And to that, Frank referenced and praised the performance of Dacre Montgomery – the movie’s Red Ranger who managed to stay true to Jason Scott’s original character, while also being bold enough to create his own identity.

“(My advice would be) Don’t try to fill someone’s shoes. Buy a new pair of shoes. I would suggest to the new Tommy to give it your best, and bring your own personality. Don’t try to match mine.” – Jason David Frank in an interview with Journalist Without A Beat.

While fans will continue to wait for an official announcement from Lionsgate, it should be noted that the entertainment mogul also has yet to issue an official word on a sequel to John Wick: Chapter 2, which according to Director Chad Stahelski, is “in the works” (via an interview with Collider).

For now, fans can still check out Saban’s Power Rangers movie in theaters. And get ready to own the action-packed movie in Digital HD on June 13, and on 4K Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD on June 27 (pre-order here).

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