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Jordi Webber Cast As Ninja Steel Gold Ranger

The Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel will be played by New Zealand based actor Jordi Webber!

The news was first reported by MorphinLegacy.com. Early this morning, the above photo from the set of Power Rangers Ninja Steel surfaced, confirming Webber’s cast in the show as the Gold Ranger.

Webber can be seen in the photo above wearing a white cowboy hat, a signature item of the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger.

Exact details of Webber’s character remain unknown. Many suspect the Gold Ranger will be the characater of Aiden Romero, the long lost brother of Brody the Red Ranger. Fans can find out for sure when the Gold Ranger debuts on Power Rangers Ninja Steel on March 18, in the season’s 8th episode: ‘Gold Rush’.

And be sure to tune in to Power Rangers Ninja Steel, airing every Saturday at 12pm on Nickelodeon!

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