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Kelson Henderson Returns To Ninja Steel

Iconic Power Rangers actor Kelson Henderson is returning for his fifth season as a mainstay character!


Kelson Henderson, a New Zealand based actor, will be part of Power Rangers Ninja Steel as seen in the show’s first clip. While his character name remains unknown, he will play the role of a whacky mechanic who has a strange ability to transform into inanimate objects.

Fans can expect to learn more about the identity and powers of Henderson’s new character when Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres January 21 on Nickelodeon.

Henderson first joined the Power Rangers franchise in 2005 as part of Power Rangers S.P.D., and since portrayed various other characters from 2006-2008.

2005 – Power Rangers S.P.D. – Boom
2006 – Power Rangers Mystic Force – Phineas
2007 – Power Rangers Operation Overdrive – Norg
2008 – Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Flit
2017 – Power Rangers Ninja Steel – TBD

Fans of the franchise will be happy to see the beloved actor make his return after an absence nearly a decade long.

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