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Kids Choice Awards Interview: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Cast

It’s Morphin Time! Ninja Spin!

Power Rangers NOW had a chance to catch up with the cast of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel just before their big nomination at Nickelodeon’s 2018 Kids Choice Awards!

Check out our full interview below filled with never-before-heard stories from Will Shewfelt (as Brody the Red Ranger), Peter Sudarso (as Preston the Blue Ranger), Nico Greetham (as Calvin the Yellow Ranger), Chrysti Ane (as Sarah the Pink Ranger), and Jordi Webber (as Levi the Gold Ranger).

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What is it like to be one of the only Power Rangers casts nominated for a Kids Choice Award?

Will Shewfelt: Awesome! I think we’re all really excited about this. It’s a huge privilege and honor.

Nico Greetham: And Will is nominated for Best Actor!

Chrysti Ane: Will just practiced his acceptance speech and it was good.

Nico Greetham: It is really humbling though to be appreciated and recognized for all the hard work that we put into the show.

What’s been your favorite scene to film from the episodes that have aired thus far?

Peter Sudarso: I’m pretty happy with the episode that just came out (‘Caught Red Handed’). Nico and I got to flex our comedic timing, which made it fun. It was a really nice interaction between Calvin and Preston.

Jordi Webber: Probably the brother scene (from ‘Family Fusion’) when we found out we were brothers. We got to get a little bit emotional and just hug it out as bro’s, which was nice.

Will Shewfelt: That was one of my favorite scenes for sure.

Nico Greetham: I really enjoyed the scene between Hayley and Calvin making up (from ‘Moment Of Truth’). It was a real moment for the two characters as they had human issues and things that happened in the daily lives of the audience. Plus, Zoe [Robins] is just a fantastic scene partner.

Chrysti Ane: I did enjoy throwing cupcakes at each other (from ‘Monkey Business’)! I love throwing cupcakes at people!

Will and Jordi, what was it like playing on-screen brothers?

Will Shewfelt: It was awesome because Jordi is honestly like my brother in real life, so it was easy and fun.

Jordi Webber: We’re really similar in terms of what we’re interested in and what kind of roles we like. So it was quite cool because a lot of our interests were already brotherly. So on set we were joking around a lot, having fun with each other, and being masculine – as brothers would do. It was quite funny playing both on set and on camera. He and I are like big kids.

Will Shewfelt: We tried to throw some of that into our scenes and the way we would interact.

Did you always know your characters would end up as siblings?

Will Shewfelt: Yeah, we knew from the outset our characters would be brothers.

Nico, what was it like playing the first on-screen Power Rangers couple?

Nico Greetham: There’s been multiple couples between Power Rangers, but we were the first to start out as couples who had a previous relationship before the show had aired. And honestly, it was so easy to be in a relationship with Hayley because [Zoe and I] connected so well in real life. We vibed from day one, and having all my scenes with her, and going through this entire process with her has been great. There was actually a written story where Calvin was supposed to break up with Hayley and date Sarah. I don’t think I’ve ever told this story.

Chrysti Ane: Zoe and I talked to Chip and said that as women, we don’t do that, and we can’t do that. We didn’t want to teach kids that it’s OK to steal your best friend’s significant other. I’m glad [Calvin and Sarah] didn’t end up together.

Nico Greetham: At the end of the day, you have to think about the little babies!

Peter, what’s it been like to follow in your brother’s footsteps of being the Blue Ranger?

Peter Sudarso: It’s freaking amazing honestly. It’s really cool to be in the same franchise as my older brother and take on the role after.

Did you ever consult him for advice while on set?

Peter Sudarso: He 100% helped me through the entire process. He walked me through the entire thing after casting was done. The moment that I landed on set – I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing. So he prepped me on everything to expect from production, from the online social media, from all of it. He pretty much coached me on how to be a Power Ranger.

Chrysti, being that Sarah is the inventive genius of the group, if you could invent one real-life gadget, what would it be?

Chrysti Ane: A flying motorcycle would be sick!

Not a hoverboard?

Chrysti Ane: OK, maybe a hoverbike.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive actually had one of those!

Chrysti Ane: OK, maybe a surfboarding motorcyle then!

Being a part of the milestone 25th anniversary season, what is your favorite season…besides Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

Will Shewfelt: I loved Power Rangers Ninja Storm. I’m a huge fan. But I do love Andros from Power Rangers In Space.

Nico Greetham: I love Power Rangers S.P.D.. Our inspiration, Kelson Henderson, played in that season. Once I found out that Kelson was in Power Rangers S.P.D., I watched that season just to do my research on Kelson. It was a cool and interesting season.

Peter Sudarso: I agree with Nico. Power Rangers S.P.D. was such a fun season, and Kelson did a great job on it. They had such different characters compared to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and there was a lot of growth within those charatcers as well. And the plot was super cool too.

Jordi Webber: I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched a lot of Power Rangers. But when I was looking at Gold Ranger material, I went back to Power Rangers Samurai and watched a lot of Steven Skyler. So I’ll say Power Rangers Samurai since that’s one of the seasons I’ve watched the most.

Chrysti Ane: My favorite is Power Rangers Hyperforce because one of my friends is on it!

What was it like the moment you found out you became a Power Ranger?

Peter Sudarso: When I found out, I was in such shock that I cursed out [Executive Producer] Chip Lynn. It was a world-changing moment for me.

Chrysti Ane: When I got the call, I was really excited, but I immediately wanted to know which color I was. So when Chip told me Pink, I was so happy.

Jordi Webber: I was in the kitchen making a sandwich. So when I saw the phone ringing, I asked if I had gotten the role, and Chip said yes. But my aunt was in the room with two sleeping babies, so I was super pumped, but I couldn’t wake them up. So I did whispers of joy to my auntie.

Will Shewfelt: I was driving to an Indie car event I was doing at the time. So Chip calls and I told him to call me back because I didn’t want to flip out while driving in case I got the role. 4 hours later, he hadn’t called back, and I remember thinking “Great, I ticked him off and now I lost the role. Good going Will”. So eventually he called back while I was on set, and it was just the most incredible thing ever.

Nico Greetham: I have a bit of a different story. I was in Japan working on a job and it was funny because Power Rangers [and Super Sentai] is so big in Japan, there were signs everywhere – I thought this was going to be great, and so serendipitous. And then I got the call that I didn’t get the role. And it was fine, I was working on a job at the time, so I tried not to think about it much. Eventually I just blocked it out of my memory and moved on with my life. About a month later, I get a call from my agent who asks what I’m doing for the next 9 months. Then I got the call that I had to move to New Zealand in 2 days. So I literally packed up my life and left, and I was a bit afraid knowing I was coming into a cast who had known each other for 3 weeks already, but it was surreal. It happened really fast, and it was great. And here we all are. It’s cool that we all have such individual stories too.

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  1. Thats what I’m talking about. I hope that you ungrateful f****rs will learn from this. Don’t insult the cast and crew of Power Rangers. Cause without them there is no Power Rangers.

    1. Mikey, people don’t hate the cast as people, it’s the character direction, writing, and the way they’re being presented on screen that people don’t like. If the producers don’t respect the intelligence of the fans and keep talking down to them, then that’s that, there is no Power Rangers.

  2. Your full of sh*t Jerry Smith. If that is you’re way of thinking then its obvious that you are too old for Power Rangers. I’m 32, will be turning 33 in 2 weeks and I love Power Rangers . Its better now that it ever was in the past. I’m a real Power Rangers fan. People like you are fake fans.

    1. Mikey I’m 33 and soon I’ll be turning 34 and I love power rangers since the beginning and I have never missed an episode no matter how good or bad it is but while I don’t hate ninja steel or any of the neo Sabah seasons I will say that power rangers was way better before nickelodeon that includes the Sabah and Disney eras these current seasons are OK at best most of the previousvera seasons are great.

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