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Kimberly’s Original Movie Backstory Revealed

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now out on home video – on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

And fans who’ve seen the movie know by now that it follows five teens, each of whom comes from a very different high school clique and background. Perhaps the one teen who’s faced the most scrutiny has been Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger, the former queen bee who’s been ostracized from her popular group of friends.

Kimberly takes center stage in a cyberbullying scandal, as she leaks an inappropriate photo she receives from her closest friend, watching as the photo spreads around school as a result of her regrettable actions. Many fans have taken issue not only with bringing a cyberbullying storyline to Power Rangers, but also with the idea of feeling sympathetic for Kimberly, who ultimately plays the role of the bully.

But as Director Dean Israelite and Writer John Gatins note in the home video’s Audio Commentary, the plans for Kimberly’s backstory were originally even more hardcore, until Saban Brands, the owner of Power Rangers, required Kimberly’s storyline to be tamed.

“One thing that was difficult about Kimberly for me was that initially I just wanted her to have cyberbullied this girl [Amanda Clarke]. But it was hard, to ask a character who really is a straight up cyberbully, to buy her as one of the original Power Rangers. And Saban was like ‘Guys, that’s really hardcore’. So we had to kind of soften it and pull back a little bit and have it be that she didn’t take the picture, but she got the picture and redistributed it. Which is kind of a little bit of confusing math to make work.” – Writer John Gatkins

If fans found issue with Kimberly distributing a picture she received, they’d probably find the character’s original plans even more revolting. But as Israelite went on to note, the softer version of Kimberly’s story also played better into the overall message the duo was trying to tell with Saban’s Power Rangers movie.

“[The original plans] didn’t speak to the fact that she betrayed someone. It feels predatory in some way. But really her issue is that her friend trusted her, and she destroyed that trust. So somehow this version speaks better to this version of the movie.” – Director Dean Israelite

Kimberly’s character went through numerous rewrites throughout the process, as the character was initially written to fall in love, and eventually kiss Jason Scott, the movie’s Red Ranger and lead male. But those plans were scrapped when test audiences reacted negatively to the kiss, noting that it didn’t allow Kimberly to stand as her own character, but rather act as a supporting piece to Jason’s character (recap here).

Fans can watch the deleted kiss scene as part of the bonus features on the home video release of Saban’s Power Rangers movie.

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15 thoughts on “Kimberly’s Original Movie Backstory Revealed

  1. Fans didn’t want the kiss because she’s supposed to be with Tommy!! At least until she leaves…

    1. Ummmm no because the kiss did not work and made both Kim and Jason unlikeable. Why does she need to hook up with anyone.

  2. Normally she was supposed to be with Jason and have a love triangle but that would have been to comp and not focused of power ranger more on the teenager side than saving the world

    1. I agree with your comment the most out of all the others. It seems like that If they put in a love story with two of the Rangers that it would just distract them from the main goal and that is to stop Rita. But I do believe that their potential relationship could have worked out possibly. They both seemed very interested in each other when Jason and her were talking about leaving with each other.

  3. Kim is totally bi and I am so down with Kim/Trini.

    I do want to know WHY kim keeps nude photo’s of her gf’s on her phone…. very telling

    1. I can’t see how this is true. Out of the numerous times I’ve watched the movie I haven’t seen a clear clarification that she is BI. I do not believe that Kim was in a relationship with Amanda. Why? Because it looks obvious that Kim, Amanda and the other girl where best friends growing up. Just look at the picture she had cut. All three of them were together. It also seems that Amanda might have been in some type of relationship with this Ty guy and that she might of sent the nude to Kim for approval. So, this must mean that her sending the photo around was something personal because of maybe something that Amanda did to Kim that we do not know about. A further detailed backstory would’ve been better. All these questions would be answered if there was. Hopefully, if they make a second movie we get a better backstory of her character.

  4. It made Trini more likable and also question if she really wanted to be friends with Trini or would she betray them.

    But those plans were scrapped when test audiences reacted negatively to the kiss, noting that it didn’t allow Kimberly to stand as her own character, but rather act as a supporting piece to Jason’s character — Bless the test audiences. And rewatching that scene I’d rather poke my eyes out. Ugh. Did not work at all. I hope if they do a movie #2 they remember this.

  5. Kim e Jason? Com certeza não funcionou mesmo. Ela e Trini tinham uma base mais sólida e bem construída de flerte.

  6. What really ruined Kimberly’s arc was during the final battle, when her former friend’s car got crushed by Putty debris, and Kimberly smuggly says, “That’s what you get.”

    It’s like, no, remember Kim, YOU were in the wrong here. YOU were the one who did something awful, and a few scenes ago you seemed really remorseful about it. Now, not so much.

  7. the backstory for kimberly was completely different then this
    i find this cyberbullying thing kinda lame, i felt her story against the others was the stupidest cause wow it was a nude photo of a friend

    her original backstory made it sound like she was popular girl who has something happen then she is away and comes back months later (like she was pregnant and aborted it or gave it away) then those girls couldve been rude to her and made her unwelcomed

    1. I wish they gave us more information on her backstory. It would have made her character more easy to understand I guess. The whole cyber bullying thing was lame. I want to know more about her personal life so I can see who she is rather than some dumb mistake she made.

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