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Koragg Joins Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

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Koragg, the fearsome Knight Wolf is coming to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

Players will be able to unlock the game’s newest character through a special Morph Box beginning on Friday, August 25 at 12:00pm PT. Koragg will be available as a Legendary defender class warrior, playable as a Leader and Assist.

Fans will be able to tap into Koragg’s dark magic powers as part of nWay’s mobile fighting game. Part of Power Rangers Mystic Force, Koragg was a brooding warrior villain created to serve The Master and his army of evil Morlocks. The character would eventually be revealed as an ally, harboring the Red Ranger’s long lost father deep inside.

Check out Koragg’s ability details below, and get ready to harness the powers of dark magic!

The Basics:

Koragg is a Defensive Warrior whose powerful projectile attacks deal double damage up close. He is built for zoning and keeping opponents at a distance, but can be brutal up close.

Ability Details:

Knight’s Fury (Strike): A low cost, fast combo that ends with a Launch.

  • 2 EP
  • Fast Speed, many hits, and mediocre damage
  • Can be canceled after first hit
  • Last hit Launches
  • Can be canceled at 2 EP

Shield Bash (Strike):

  • 4 EP
  • Fast, staggers, and covers quite a distance

Wolf Attack: (Disruptor): An Offensive Blue move that can be used as a standalone attack. As a projectile, it will go through Strikes and knock back opponents. It is very fast. Used up close, both the projectile AND the shield will connect, dealing double damage.

  • 4 EP
  • Double damage when used up close
  • Absorbs Strikes

Dark Magic Strike (Breaker): Just like Wolf Attack, this attack will deal both projectile damage and sword damage when up close. The primary difference is that it’s a Breaker and hits twice. This move has the ability to hit 4 times up close.

  • 5 EP
  • Faster double projectiles
  • Can end up dealing 4 hits up close (2 projectiles and 2 sword slashes)

Shield of Darkness (Breaker): Koragg slams his shield into the ground, sending out a shockwave projectile. This is similar to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Green’s Dagger Quake projectile, but faster and results in a Launch Reverse hit reaction, knocking the opponent up while bring them closer.

  • 3 EP
  • Fast
  • Launch Reverses opponent, bringing them closer to melee range

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Fans can click here to check out Koragg’s moveset in action!

Introduced in March 2017, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a multiplayer fighting game which features heroes and villains from the long-running TV series, in combination with those from Lionsgate’s action-packed feature film.

With a wide array of characters already made available, nWay has plans to continue expanding the character roster to include nearly every Power Ranger ever!

Fans can click here to check out a running list of playable characters and stages available in the Power Rangers’ hit fighting game.

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  1. how can you support this pay to win garbage? real fans of power rangers would be disgraced by nways market model…

  2. I wish there’s a quantum ranger, with Choobo, Zurgane, Lothor, Motodrone, Vexacus, Shimazu, alien rangers, grumm, broodwing, and the SPD shadow ranger including power rangers monsters as well.

  3. I also need Bugglesworth, Hdyrax, Rhinix, General Tomars, Madtropolis, RPM blue ranger, Starvark, Snizzard, and more.

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