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Kyuranger Cast Revealed

The cast of Sentai’s upcoming season, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, has been revealed!


In the scan above, fans can check out their first look at the cast, as well as an all-new photo featuring all 9 heroes on the moon.

On the left side, the faces of the actors who will portray 5 of the 9 Rangers (from top to bottom):

Lucky – Red Ranger
Hami – Green Ranger
Spada – Yellow Ranger
Rei Naga – Silver Ranger
Stinger – Orange Ranger

And along the bottom, the remaining 4 Rangers who will be portrayed by different creature characters (from left to right):

Garu (Beast) – Blue Ranger
Champ (Bull) – Black Ranger
Laputa 283 (Android) – Pink Ranger
Balance (Robot) – Gold Ranger

Kyuranger will debut in Japan in early 2017. Fans around the world will anxiously wait to see if the season, or its predecessor Zyuohger, makes its ways overseas as Power Rangers 2019.

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