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Kyuranger Character Details

With the next Super Sentai season, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, getting ready to premiere in Japan, new details on the season’s characters have begun to surface.

Below, fans can check out the newly revealed characters, and bio’s for those previously revealed. And stay tuned for the action-packed premiere of Kyuranger hitting airwaves on February 12!


Kyuranger’s villain force will be the Shogunate Jark Matter, led by the evil Don Armage. The evildoers will travel the galaxy seeking an energy known as Planesium from the worlds they successfully conquer.

The henchmen of the Jark Matter are the Indavers, and their superior form, the Daikarn.


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This year’s Mecha revolves around the gimmick orbs that are a centerpiece of Kyuranger. The Red Ranger’s Zord serves as the base of the KyuRen-Oh, with the others forming different configurations around it.

Shou Ronbou

Shou Ronbou is the commander of the Kyurangers. As the season’s mentor, he gives off the persona of being mighty, but his real character is very much fragile like an old man. Even in the worst of times, he keeps a proper tone, but comes from a bad history. What secrets is he hiding?

Ranger Bio’s

Lucky (Red Ranger)
Like his name indicates, Lucky was born with the luck of the universe on his side. A naive young man, he transcends the boundaries of being a positive thinker with his strong will and is able to turn problems into chances. He often involves himself with things in the universe that have nothing to do with him, but does so to help those in need.

Stinger (Orange Ranger)
A cool and mysterious warrior. He was originally a member of the enemy, Jaku Matter, but suddenly appeared in front of the other Kyurangers one day bearing the mark of the Kyuranger, the SeizaBlaster on his arm. Who is he really?

Naga Rei (Silver Ranger)
A young man from the Hebitsukai constellation, whose people threw away “emotion” to avoid conflicts. Having met Balance, a being full of emotions, and working in tandem with him, he has developed a curiosity for them and studies them.

Hamii (Green Ranger)
A young woman from a race that knows Ninjutsu. She seems to be the age of a high school student. Her emotions are usually all over the place and she has vivid expressions.

Spada (Yellow Ranger)
A man who is aiming to become a Universal Cook; and the Kyuranger’s warrior chef of their ship, the Orion. He acts like a parent to the other Kyuranger, and is very reliable. He can cook just about everything, but at times he has a tendency to be less than sincere.

Garu (Blue Ranger)
Friends from his constellation were destroyed by Jaku Matter; a Beast-Man warrior who has lost his pride. But perhaps, meeting Lucky may just change his fate…

Balance (Gold Ranger)
A mechanical lifeform abundant with emotion who acts in tandem with Naga. He is proper and is able to paint a picture with his words, but is also a bit frivolous.

Champ (Black Ranger)
Champ is a fighting robot from the Taurus star system, and was born on a manufacturing planet. He is trying to chase down the mysterious man who killed his creator. He has a speech habit when he powers up, saying “1, 2, 3, Mou!” (Mou is most closely translated to Moo).

Raptor 283 (Pink Ranger)
Android Pilot of the Kyuranger’s mother ship, the Orion. She is serious and dedicated to her mission. However, no one seems to realize that she is in fact, prone to wild delusions like a little kid.

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