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Sentai’s Kyuranger Revealed

The next season of Super Sentai, Kyuranger, has been revealed!

Fans can check out the first look at the suits, logo, weaponry, and Mecha in HD below, courtesy of Twitter user @TheRealMattHunt.

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The newest team will be based on constellations with 9 Rangers comprising the team.

Core Team
Red (Lion)
Blue (Wolf)
Yellow (Swordfish)
Black (Ox)
Green (Chameleon)

Secondary Team
Silver (Snake)
Gold (Libra)
Pink (Eagle)
Orange (Scorpion)

The 9 Ranger team will consist of 2 females (Green, Pink). Additional reveals, including villains, are expected to be revealed in the coming days.

In the meantime, Power Rangers fans will begin anxious waiting on Saban’s decision to adapt these heroes, or the animal-themed Zyuohger, for Power Rangers in 2019. It’s a debate fans should get accustomed to hearing, as a decision won’t be expected to drop for quite some time.

Kyuranger debuts in Japan in early 2017.

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