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Legacy Astro Megazord Revealed

UPDATE: The Legacy Mastodon Zord has been released in stores, as found by Instagram user @thatshot_gifts.

3-3-5! Rangers – In Space!

Power Rangers In Space’s Astro Megazord is joining Bandai’s Legacy line in 2018, as revealed on Walmart’s website by Twitter user @razzle1337.

While fans will be quick to assume that the Astro Megazord will be a premium version (similar to Bandai’s Legacy Thunder Megazord, Legacy Ninja Megazord, etc.), it’s more likely that the Astro Megazord will be a part of Bandai’s new line of Legacy Zords (featuring the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tyrannosaurus Rex Zord and Sabertooth Tiger Zord).

Thus, it is currently unknown what level of detail, articulation points, or transforming ability the Legacy Astro Megazord toy will have.

The Astro Megazord is currently slated to release alongside Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Mastodon Zord as part of the second wave of Bandai’s new line of Legacy Zords.

This will be the first time Bandai’s Legacy line has ventured outside of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for its Zord toys. The Astro Megazord served as both the In Space Rangers’ spaceship base in 1998, as well as the team’s primary Megazord.

It is unknown at this time if the toy will allow for transformation between the spaceship and Megazord modes.

A price point, first look, and additional details have not been made available at this time.

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21 thoughts on “Legacy Astro Megazord Revealed

  1. Damn I had a huge smile on my face. I’ve been waiting for an actual Legacy Astro Megazord. I’m not interested in the small scale “Legacy Zords”. Instead of releasing the old flip heads, 1/4 helmets, small zords I’d wish they’d use that money to improve the 6.5 figures. These cost cutting measures should not be applied to the collection figures. Cost cut on the small helmets, small zords, or whatever else they throw at the casual buyers.

    Since they saved a lot of gold paint it better be included for the In Space Silver ranger. He better get the Green ranger paint and not the Gold rangers gold plastic.

  2. The only thing that I would have a problem with this Astro Megazord if it is part of the Legacy megazord toyline (and thus, supposedly, compatible with the Zord Builder System), and not the Legacy zord toyline (the two toylines should be counted separately as the Legacy megazords can combine with each other, but the Legacy zords cannot combine), is if Bandai doesn’t make any adapter pieces to make it possible to combine the Astro Megazord with the Legacy Falconzord, even though they never combined on the TV show. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to turn their Astro Megazord into an Astro Mega Falconzord? I know that I would. I even have fan fiction stories and fan artwork coming soon that features a combination between the Astro Megazord and the Falconzord, plus a combination between the Astro Megazord and the Dragonzord, and a combination between all three of those zords. But, as much as I would like to see that happen with the toys, most likely Bandai is just going to be lame about how they design their toys.

    As for a Legacy Shogun Megazord, I heard in a video that, according to a Bandai representative who appears in the video, that Bandai is planning on making a Legacy Shogun Megazord, but that was all that was said regarding the toy, so Bandai may be trying to keep production of a Legacy Shogun Megazord a secret for now.

  3. I would think that they would release the Shogun Megazord first, so that way we could at least complete an MMPR set for season 3. Then it would make sense to perhaps move on to another season/incarnation. Also, I could actually use a Legacy Tor by the way. That would complete MMPR season 2. But I am sure that probably won’t be happening.

  4. I like to see legacy battle borgs zords and legacy ninjor and legacy alien rangers and legacy zeo megazord and legacy red battle zord too.

  5. Good, enough cosplay stuff! I would like to finish my MMPR zord collection like, Tor, Shogun Megazord and even Zeo zords. I hope the Astro Megazord is actually a nice and transformable with paint and diecast, not the “toy” zords we been seeing lately.

  6. are they planning on skipping legacy tor ,the legacy shogun megazord and every megazord from zeo and turbo????
    i’d rather have the legacy turbo megazord and rescue megazord before the legacy astro megazord but if they do it just as well as the other legacy megazords of the past i’d be ok with the legacy astro megazord

  7. Wierd no one has heard a thing about this still. Why? I would love a Legacy Astro Megazord that has the same scale as the Ninja Megazord. Shogun and Tor would have been awesome so I can complete my MMPR zords and move on to Zeo but now with the whole Hasbro buyout I’m sure it was all canceled. 🙁

  8. there should be a power rangers legacy shogun megazord I l also believe a power rangers legacy tor the shuttle zord and ninjor and the evil monsters like king sphinx silver horns the nasty knight the dark warrior bones the lizzinator and shell shock and new video games of the original power rangers like of power rangers fighting edition and the first power rangers game in 3d

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