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Legacy Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Helmet Revealed


Bandai America’s Legacy Helmet collection is continuing into 2018 – with the original Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Entertainment Earth provided the first look at the new toy, which will see a wearable, replica sized helmet based on Tommy Oliver’s original Green Ranger released in 2018.

UPDATE: The Legacy Helmet has been released, as found in Australia by Instagram user @bboybananabread.

The Green Ranger helmet continues Bandai’s Legacy Helmet line for the third consecutive year, following the success of 2016’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger Legacy Helmet, and 2017’s Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Legacy Helmet.

As with past Legacy Helmets, the newly announced toy will retail at approximately $99.99.

Fans can already pre-order the Green Ranger Legacy Helmet on Entertainment Earth by clicking here.

And be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as even more of Bandai’s 2018 slate of Power Rangers toy is revealed.

11 thoughts on “Legacy Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Helmet Revealed

  1. I just pre-ordered this, the zeonizer, and the gold rangers staff :).
    Early 2018 is going to be amazing!

    1. On second thought,I don’t want it anymore because it would make me feel silly. But I don’t hate the helmet at all.

  2. i hope they pump these out a bit quicker than 1 a year, it will suck to have wait another 6 years to complete the vintage line, or even longer if they add in another shit movie version every year or so

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