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Legacy Ninja Coin Photos Released

Press photos for Bandai’s upcoming Legacy Die-Cast Ninjetti Coin Set have been released!

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The coin set, which is expected to release this fall, will allow fans to own all five of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Ninja Power Coins in a special die-cast finish. The set will hit stores in a special display case package that allows fans to keep their coin set in box for display purposes, or out of box for role-play purposes.

The five Ninja Power Coins included are:

•Red Ranger (Ape)
•Blue Ranger (Wolf)
•Black Ranger (Frog)
•Yellow Ranger (Bear)
•Pink Ranger (Crane)

The set will mark Bandai’s third installment in their new line of Legacy Coin Sets – the first two installments belonging to the Dino Power Coins of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (in stores now), and the Power Coins of Saban’s Power Rangers movie (releasing this fall).

The Ninja Power Coins were first introduced to the Power Rangers universes in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, the hit theatrical film released in 1995 that saw our heroes tap into a new line of Ninjetti powers and Zords.

Bandai’s Legacy Die-Cast Ninjetti Coin Set comes on the heels of feverish fan request, as the Ninja Power Coins have never been released in a die-cast finish before. Only time will tell if Bandai has plans to expand their Legacy Coin Set line to include other iconic props or in-show memorabilia.

The Legacy Die-Cast Ninjetti Coin Set was first revealed at Toy Fair 2017. The new images come from Toys R Us.

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