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Legacy Wars Megazord Mode Announced

It’s time to Go Mega!

Megazords have officially joined Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, the hit multiplayer fighting game from developer nWay and Saban Brands!

Starting on Thursday, October 19 at 4PM ET, fans will be able to battle using their favorite Megazords like never experienced before as part of the mobile game’s newest, most epic mode yet!

Players will begin with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Dino Megazord, with the ability to unlock three more Megazords by collecting Zord Shards:

●Thunder Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
●Predazord (Power Rangers Wild Force)
●Mega Goldar (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

More Megazords, and villains, will be added to the game as part of future app updates.

Click here to watch the the first Megazord Combat gameplay!

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Megazord Combat Details

Unlike Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ Warrior Combat which fans have become accustomed to, Megazords will not have any Assists. Instead, they’ll come equipped with a brand new third slot, which has 2 extremely powerful abilities called Supers.

Megazords will also have Mega Abilities – two customizable abilities that charge only by spending EP or receiving damage.

● Mega Abilities are uninterruptible during the beginning of activation, but the player will still take 33% damage when hit.
● Mega Abilities s are consumed after each battle regardless if they were used.
● Offensive Clashes deal only 50% damage (Warrior combat is 100%).
● Defensive Clashes now receive 50% damage (Warrior combat is 0%).
● Megazord combat does not have Block or Recovery states.
● Megazords can attack with any move from almost any hit reaction state.

New Hit Reactions
● Downed – A more powerful stunned state that will keep opponents in a Downed state when hit.
● Destabilize – An ability which deals double the damage when hitting an opponent in this state.
● Projectiles are not dash dodgeable.

Megazord Alliance Wars
As part of the newest game mode, fans will also be able to use their Megazords to battle against other Alliances. While the event is active, players will try to deal the most damage to opposing Megazords to help boost their Alliance’s score as they ascend up the global leaderboard.

● Every Megazord battle earns you rewards, regardless of whether you win or lose! The higher your Alliance places, the bigger the reward.
● Each battle requires 1 Energy, which can be earned in free Morph Boxes, Corruption Boxes, & Missions. Energy can only be earned when a Megazord event is active.
● Fans are encouraged to be loyal to their Alliance! If you leave your Alliance during an event, they will lose all of your individual contributed points.

Alliance Missions
Fans can work together with their Alliance Members to complete missions to help earn even more Zord Shards, Energy, and more!

● You must be in an Alliance at the start of an Alliance Mission to participate.
● All Alliance members’ mission progress contributes to the Alliance Mission.

Mega Abilities
Fans can collect and equip over 12 Mega Abilities that can help gain the upper hand in Megazord Combat. Mega Abilities have special effects that range from restoring your energy, to silencing your opponent’s Breakers for a short period of time.

Mega Abilities can be earned from Megazord battles and Alliance Missions.

More Updates

Share Battle Replays
You can now share replays of your battles with your Alliance! Visit the Theater on the main menu to share your replays.

Random Arena
Any Warrior battle above 4800 medals will now fight in a random arena chosen from the previous leagues.

Warrior Combat Changes
Warrior Combat now refers to the non-Megazord character battle mode fans have become accustomed to since the game’s release.

● Lessened Clash Immunity – Warriors now have a small window of vulnerability at the end of their abilities to prevent unintended Clash wins with moves that have longer recovery times.
● EP Regen Cooldown Reset – All Defensive abilities, including block, reset the EP Regen timer. This is to encourage a more aggressive play style.

Other Improvements
● Increase Essence drops in Missions and Corruption Boxes.
● Main menu background changes to match your current league.
● Performance improvements for mid to low end devices.
● Loading screens now pick from a random selection.

Bug Fixes
● Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita Repulsa now recovers at the same speed as everyone else.
● Fixed a bug that resulted in Ability type icons not appearing above the Warrior’s head.

Introduced in March 2017, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a multiplayer fighting game which features heroes and villains from the long-running TV series, in combination with those from Lionsgate’s action-packed feature film.

With a wide array of characters already made available, nWay has plans to continue expanding the character roster to include nearly every Power Ranger ever!

Fans can click here to check out a running list of playable characters and stages available in the Power Rangers’ hit fighting game.

For more on Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, head on over to social media!

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Twitter – @PRLegacyWars
Instagram – @PowerRangersLegacyWars

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10 thoughts on “Legacy Wars Megazord Mode Announced

  1. Oh great, yet another addition to the game that will no doubt cost $$$ to compete.

    People: hey can you fix all these constant issues and balance the game and not make the paywall so massive?
    Nway: here’s another premium character
    People: but what about the issues
    Nway: here’s another form of in game currency you need to buy to stay competitive
    People: we didn’t want this
    Nway: here’s zords that require yet another in game currency AND are premium
    people: fuck you I’m not giving this 2bit hack dev company any more money

  2. Why is Saban Brands still have that annoying Gokai Yellow suit on that poster, when they knew that there was meant to be only one Megaforce (Goseiger) team suit?

  3. Anyone know or herd rumors of what megazords will he added (I know Thunder, Dino, Pred, goldar) but after that what ones they plan to add?

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