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Legacy Zeo, Dino Thunder Figures Released

Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Dino Thunder Legacy Figures have been released!

The figures were found at a Walmart in California by Facebook user Jose Sanchez.

Bandai’s wave of figures will include the Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Gold Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo, and the Red Ranger and Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

The remaining team members are currently slated for release in early 2018.

Each figure comes included with a Build-A-Figure part to create the Zeo and Dino Thunder Megazords respective to their teams.

Bandai’s Power Rangers Legacy Figure line first started in 2016, consisting of premium collector’s edition figures at a $19.99 price point. Bandai originally announced plans to release an action figure for every Ranger ever.

The most recent public Legacy Figure schedule currently has future waves mapped out as seen below.

Late 2017
Zeo Green Ranger
Zeo Yellow Ranger
Zeo Gold Ranger
Dino Thunder Red Ranger
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger

Early 2018
Zeo Red Ranger
Zeo Blue Ranger
Zeo Pink Ranger
Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger
Dino Thunder Black Ranger

Mid 2018
In Space Silver Ranger
Dino Thunder White Ranger
Psycho Red Ranger
Psycho Blue Ranger
Psycho Pink Ranger

Late 2018
Psycho Black Ranger
Psycho Yellow Ranger
Ninja Steel Red Ranger
Ninja Steel Blue Ranger
Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger
Ninja Steel Pink Ranger
Ninja Steel White Ranger
Ninja Steel Gold Ranger

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8 thoughts on “Legacy Zeo, Dino Thunder Figures Released

  1. The only figure I was going to pick up from this wave was Zeo Gold. So far I can say this is the worst figure from the entire legacy line. The gold plastic looks horrible. No Zeo Gold ranger for me which means I don’t need to pick up the Legacy Zeo Staff or the Legacy Gold Communicator if they had plans to release it in stores.
    Thank You Bandai

    1. I get being unhappy with this clearly substandard release, but what does not buying an action figure have to do with buying or not buying role play items? Most of the prior Legacy role play items were released well before there even was a Legacy figure line.

      1. I wanted the staff and the communicator to display them along with Zeo Gold. I already have my favorite legacy rangers Mighty Morphin and In Space. Outside of that Zeo Gold was a ranger I was interested but seeing the result I wont be picking it up. Without him I don’t need the staff nor communicator for display.

  2. The shield on the gold ranger looks really cheap and disgusting. I had plans on being it, but I am no longer interested. Why didn’t they use the same gold color as they did for the Tommy shields? This pisses me off!

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