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Legacy Zeonizer Announced


It’s coming!

Bandai America Inc. is finally shifting their Power Rangers Legacy toy line away from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and onto Power Rangers Zeo, beginning with the Legacy Zeonizer coming in 2018.

Since its inception in 2013, Bandai’s Legacy toy line has been centered on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, prompting high fan demand for toys based on the show’s subsequent season, Power Rangers Zeo.

Those fans will finally get their wish with the release of the Legacy Zeonizer, the iconic Morpher that allowed the Power Rangers to tap into their morphing abilities during Power Rangers Zeo.

The Legacy Zeonizer will give fans their first chance to own the Morpher since the toy’s initial and only release in 1996.

Bandai first launched their toy line of Legacy Morphers in 2013, a line of premium re-releases of classic Power Rangers Morphers from past seasons.

Releasing in early 2018 at approximately $99.99, the Legacy Zeonizer can be pre-ordered now on Entertainment Earth by clicking here.

The news was confirmed by Saban Brands and Bandai at the Power Rangers Toys & Collectibles Power Hour panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

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19 thoughts on “Legacy Zeonizer Announced

  1. Dreams do come true what would make this even better they would Announce there will be a Legacy zeo megazord and super zeo zords.

  2. Wwwwwhhhhyyyyy $100 im very curious????????? Did the 1996 release cost that much i believe not!!!!!!!!! Come down on the price bandai

  3. They prob figure it wont sell as well as MMPR stuff so they gonna get as much money from you as they can per unit. =\

  4. No more MMPR? I understand but what about Tor the Shuttlezord and the Shogun Megazord Legacy version? Also a Legacy Green Ranger helmet would be cool.

    1. We’re probably never going to get a Tor considering how underused and unpopular he is, but the Legacy Shogun Megazord might be announced at NYCC.

  5. This thing looks awesome! I wonder what kind of sound effects it’s going to play, and how it will play the others. Really can’t wait! I must have it!

  6. Bandai could care less about us wanting a Legacy Tor or Shogon Megazord, which is why they won’t make it.

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