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Licensing Expo 2017 Round-Up


Licensing Expo 2017 is in the books, and as usual, Saban Brands rolled out the red carpet with a first look at the future of Power Rangers.

What awaits our teenagers with attitude in 2018? Let’s recap all of this week’s Power Rangers news from Licensing Expo in Las Vegas!

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Teaser Debut
The first look at Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel came in the form of the season’s first teaser, airing throughout the expo at Saban Brands’ booth. The teaser primarily features Sentai footage from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, but at least gives fans an idea of which power-up’s and Zords to expect in Power Rangers’ silver season. Fans can click here to re-watch the teaser.

Logo Reveal
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s logo may have leaked a handful of weeks ago, but Licensing Expo finally provided the first look at the upcoming season’s logo in clear quality. Making the rounds among mainstream media outlets, the logo reveal also represents Saban Brands’ first public acknowledgment of the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel season title.

Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary

Initial Plans
Licensing Expo delivered the first details on what fans can expect from Saban Brands’ year-long celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Among the highlights includes returning cast members on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, new mythology stories from Boom! Studios, live location-based events, and more. Fans can click here to recap all of the initial expectations laid out for the Power Rangers’ silver anniversary.

Logo Reveals
Most franchises carry a special logo, or emblem, to celebrate an iconic anniversary. And Power Rangers will be no different. Various logo’s for Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary were revealed, most of which called on a theme from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Alongside the anniversary’s current motto “Since 1993 – 25 Powerful Years”, fans can check out all of the newly revealed logos by clicking here.

Wall of Helmets
Perhaps the most visually impressive part of Licensing Expo was the featured Wall of Helmets at Saban Brands’ booth. Lining the booth’s walls was an incredible display of Power Rangers helmets, showcasing one helmet for each of the seasons from Power Rangers’ 25 year history. Fans can click here to revisit photos of the stunning Wall of Helmets.

25th Anniversary Pins
Revealed by Jason Bischoff, Saban Brands’ Director of Consumer Products, 2018 will bring fans special commemorative pins featuring a 25th anniversary logo with the Power Rangers’ iconic lightning bolt. The all-new pins were premiered at Licensing Expo 2017, and are expected to return at future Power Rangers-based events. Fans can click here to check out the new pins.

Saban’s Power Rangers Movie

Lionsgate offered no news, or comments, on a potential sequel for Saban’s Power Rangers movie. The movie releases on DVD/Blu-ray on June 27.

With Licensing Expo 2017 in the books, next up? San Diego Comic-Con 2017, which begins on July 19.

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