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Lineage Studios’ Power Rangers Artwork Revealed

Brand new Power Rangers artwork has arrived courtesy of Lineage Studios!

Fans can now pick up gorgeous new Power Rangers prints from the consumer goods company focused on creating collectible products for your favorite brands.

Six Power Rangers prints have released thus far, primarily focused on Lord Drakkon, the evil alternate-reality version of Tommy Oliver who’s popularity rose as a result of BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID storyline.

One of the prints also stems from Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, the new graphic novel from BOOM! Studios which features Tommy Oliver’s son, JJ, as the new S.P.D. Green Ranger.

Each of the new prints can be seen below, ranging in price range from $60 to $85. All four feature Lord Drakkon sitting atop his iconic throne, sporting a couple of his popular evolution forms.

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Click here to order your Power Rangers artwork from Lineage Studios.

The new artwork was designed by Carlos Dattoli, Alon Chou, and John Staub.

Lineage Studios will release more Power Rangers artwork in the near future themed after the franchise’s legacy of Red Rangers.

The newly release artwork isn’t Lineage Studios’ first release of Power Rangers products. In summer 2018, the company released Mighty Morphin Power Rangers pins (click here to learn more).

Lineage Studios’ latest offerings will be among the final Power Rangers products to release that commemorate the franchise’s special 25th anniversary.

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