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Lionsgate, Power Rangers Fans Raise Money For Clean Water



Those powerful words were the foundation of Lionsgate’s marketing campaign for Saban’s Power Rangers movie. And together, Power Rangers fans proved that slogan to ring true, as the world’s mightiest multi-colored superheroes and their loyal fan-base raised money to build a clean water drinking well that will serve 500 people in South Africa.

In March 2017, Lionsgate teamed up with The Thirst Project, an activism organization with a mission to provide clean drinking water to the 663 million people around the world who currently live without it.

Using a series of exclusive emoji’s and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, Lionsgate committed to donating a small portion of money for every tweet/post made.

Help us light up the world with Power Rangers colors by using exclusive Power Rangers hashtags on Twitter! Choose from #BlueRanger, #YellowRanger, #RedRanger, #BlackRanger, and #PinkRanger. For every hashtag used, Lionsgate will donate to clean water projects on behalf of the Power Rangers! Together, we can end this. Together, we are more.

Power Rangers fans did not disappoint.

In droves, fans tweeted support for their favorite teenager with attitude, and together, their support for Billy, Trini, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly helped earn enough money for Lionsgate to construct a well with clean drinking water in the city of Swaziland.

Located in Africa, Swaziland is a land locked country near the continent’s Southern-most tip. 40% of its population of nearly 1.2 million people currently lack access to clean water, and even more live with clean water projects that function improperly. In dire straits, many of its citizens walk miles to find clean water, while others wait days to gain access to the liquids they need.

Lionsgate’s successful campaign is only a small step in the incredibly large crisis that still exists around the world. Fans who wish to help even more can head to ThirstProject.org, to learn more about the ongoing battle against the global water crisis.

As the Power Rangers have long proven, feel good moments often come in small victories, but larger battles always remain. Lionsgate’s commitment to helping battle one of the world’s greatest issues was both powerful and fun – qualities the Power Rangers have demonstrated for nearly 25 years.

Go go Power Rangers fans! Go go Lionsgate! Together we are more.

To learn more about the water crisis in Swaziland, fans can head to TheWaterProject.org. To learn more about Lionsgate’s partnership with The Thirst Project, fans can hear from Saban’s Power Rangers movie actor Dacre Montgomery.

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