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Lionsgate “Very Pleased” With Power Rangers’ Opening Weekend


Saban’s Power Rangers movie pulled in a $40.5 million opening weekend.

And while the film was unable to top Disney’s powerhouse Beauty & the Beast, Saban’s Power Rangers still turned in a higher performance than box office analysts projected, leaving Lionsgate reportedly “very pleased”.

“We’re very, very pleased. It’s always good when you come in over expectations.” – David Spitz, Lionsgate’s Distribution Chief in a quote with the LA Times.

The film was projected by experts to come in closer to the $35 million range, but Saban’s Power Rangers was able to top those projections despite mixed reviews from critics, and fierce competition in theaters from Beauty & the Beast, and newcomers Life and CHIPs.

But what left Lionsgate most pleased about Saban’s Power Rangers was not its financial performance but rather its overwhelmingly positive reception by moviegoers. The film received an A grade from market research firm CinemaScore, indicating audiences left the theater very happy.

“The key was the audience reaction, which was pretty fantastic. The exit polling showed that the movie really delivered for young and old, male and female.” – David Spitz, Lionsgate’s Distribution Chief in a quote with the NY Times.

Saban’s Power Rangers was a huge win among millennials, who comprised a large portion of the film’s overall turnout. And to no surprise, the film also scored big among males, who comprised 65% of the movie’s weekend audience.

Some analysts expect that Saban’s Power Rangers was able to find such success by perfectly balancing out what has been a heavily female-driven film in Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, while also allowing audiences to get their fix of the superhero genre before the onslaught of summer’s big titles including Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman: Homecoming.

Yet while Lionsgate may have played their cards as well as they could, fans will still be anxiously holding their breath until the media mogul officially announces a sequel for the suddenly rejuvenated 90’s action series.

Saban’s Power Rangers is in theaters now. Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

2 thoughts on “Lionsgate “Very Pleased” With Power Rangers’ Opening Weekend

  1. The movie was good.it had bits taken right from the series.i watched it once an probably will see it again this weekend.

  2. Only one way to guarantee a sequel. Everyone here needs to go see it at least twice. I’m going again today! =D

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