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Lord Drakkon’s Identity Revealed

The identity of Lord Drakkon, the Hybrid Ranger, in Boom! Studio’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics has been revealed!

The full story will be told in Issue 11, which releases in stores today. For now, fans can check out the spoiler-filled reveal below, courtesy of ComicBook.com.





Lord Drakkon’s identity is a mirrored version of Tommy, sporting gray hair & dark veins. Writer Kyle Higgins offered the following to say, when asked if Lord Drakkon’s identity as an alternate version of Tommy was ever in doubt.

“From a character arc standpoint, this story was designed as something of a cautionary tale for Tommy– what could have happened had he never left Rita’s side? The first year has been about Tommy’s introduction to the team, and I thought it felt nice for things to culminate with a look in the dark mirror that could also setup our future stories for the other Rangers and the universe.”

And fans can of course expect to learn more about the “newly revealed Tommy” in future issues to come.

“That’s my favorite part of this story. How Drakkon came to be– and how he’s different from our Tommy– was a blast to develop, and it’s going to be big going forward.”

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