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Loyal Subjects Releases New Power Rangers Figures

Brand new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figurines from The Loyal Subjects are on their way!

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The newest batch of releases, seen above, will allow fans who have been collecting The Loyal Subjects’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figurines to finish off their collections.

Revealed on The Loyal Subjects’ official website, the conclusion of the Black/Gold Zord line will be released exclusively at Target – containing the Black Ranger’s Mastodon Zord, the Pink Ranger’s Pterodactyl Zord, and a White Ranger figurine with a sleek mother pearl finish. The White Ranger will come as an incredibly rare 1/96 chase figure.

With these three collectibles, fans will be able to unite their Black/Gold Zord team with the previously released T-Rex, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger Zords on sale exclusively at Walmart.

Target will also be home to the conclusion of the Translucent Ranger line. The Black, Pink, and White Rangers will allow collectors to complete their team in conjunction with Walmart’s previously released Translucent Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers.

Fans can head to participating Target stores now to pick up The Loyal Subjects’ latest figurines. And be sure to stay tuned as even more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collectibles from The Loyal Subjects releases soon.

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