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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade To Feature Power Rangers

Thanksgiving day traditions: food, family, football – and Power Rangers!

At the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Power Rangers will once again fly high in the sky as the giant Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger balloon will make his annual return to Gotham City.

This will be the sixth consecutive year the Power Rangers balloon flies over New York City since its debut in 2014. On some years, the balloon has even been accompanied by an organized dance team featuring various performers dressed in Power Rangers suits. Fans will have to stay tuned for the parade on November 28, 2019 to see if they can get their morning jam on with the Power Rangers!

The Red Ranger balloon is the longest of its kind in the parade, as it journeys through the streets alongside characters from Pokemon, Spongebob SquarePants, and Disney.

This will be the second year that the Red Ranger balloon makes an appearance since the franchise was acquired by Hasbro in mid-2018.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will continue its tradition of airing at 9AM ET on Thanksgiving morning on both CBS and NBC.

It’s Morphin Time! The iconic Power Rangers balloon will remind fans of all ages that “They’ve Got The Power” to unleash their inner superhero and inspire the powers of inclusivity and teamwork!

Balloon Dimensions: 77-feet-long, 26-feet-wide, 56-feet-tall

Fun Fact: The larger than life Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger is the longest balloon in the Parade; one of his arms is the length of a standard school bus at 45-feet.

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12 thoughts on “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade To Feature Power Rangers

  1. Wow, the PR parade has returned!

    Lets bring the names of the true/rightful Red Rangers, shall we?

    1. Jason Lee Scott aka Mighty Morphin Red (Seasons 1 & 2a),
    2. Aurico aka Aquitar Red (Mini-Season),
    3. Tommy Oliver aka Zeo Red,
    4. TJ Johnson aka Turbo Red,
    5. Andros aka Space Red,
    6. Leo Corbett aka Galaxy Red,
    7. Carter Grayson aka Rescue Red,
    8. Wes Collins aka Time Force Red,
    9. Eric Mayers aka Quantum Ranger (which is actually Crimson; plus the 6th Ranger),
    10. Wild Force Red (I decided not to put that character name in it, because that terrifying Treacherous real life destroyer is still in jail for over 4 years and for the rest of his natural life),
    11. Shane Clarke aka Ninja Wind Red (Rest In Peace, Disney brother),
    12. Conner McKnight aka Dino Thunder Red,
    13. SPD Red (again, I decided not to put any of their name in it, because although Jack became the 1st SPD Red in 2025; Then Skyler became the 2nd officially in 2026; Then Bridge became the 3rd in 2027; Then Z became the 4th in 2028; And lastly Syd became the 5th in 2029, I honestly don’t know who would be the new SPD Red, that’s all),
    14. Mystic Red (once again, I decided not to put Firass Dirani’s old character in it, since Melanie Vallejo still wants NOTHING to do with her former real life love interest, because she’s already married to her good Caucasian-Australian Husband and already moved on forever. End of story),
    15. Mack Hartford aka Overdrive Red,
    16. Jungle Fury Red (one last time, I still decided not to put Casey’s name in it, since he somehow no longer exist),
    17. Scott Truman aka RPM or Ranger Operator Series Red,
    18. Jayden Shiba aka Samurai Red (Samurai & Super Samurai) and
    19. Lauren Shiba aka Samurai Crimson (Jayden’s big sister; Super Samurai b; plus the auxiliary ranger).

    20. Troy Burrows aka Red Sky Ranger (Megaforce Seasons 1 in 2013, 2 in 2014, and hopefully/possibly 3 in 2023),
    21. Tyler Navarro aka Dino Charge/Knight Red (Dino Charge in 2015, Dino Supercharge in 2016, and hopefully/possibly Dino Knight in 2022),
    22. Brody Romero aka Ninja Steel Red (Ninja Steel in 2017, Super Ninja Steel in 2018),
    23. Devon Daniels aka Beast Red (Beast Morpher Seasons 1 & 2),
    24. Unnamed Starforce Red, and
    25. Unnamed Starforce Crimson (Starforce b; plus the new auxiliary ranger).

    1. Lemme just fix that list for ya. In honor of their hard work for entertaining us all, here are the real names of EVERY red ranger we’ve seen on screen.

      1.) Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott, MMPR Red
      2.) Patrick Wolf as Justin, the Dark Red Ranger
      3.) Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos, also MMPR RED & the Red Ninja Ranger
      4.) David Bacon as Aurico, the Red Aquitar Ranger
      5.) Jason David Frank as Dr. Tommy Oliver, Zeo Ranger V & the Red Turbo Ranger
      6.) Selwyn Ward as TJ Johnson, also the Red Turbo Ranger
      7.) Christopher Khayman Lee as Andros, the Red Space Ranger
      8.) Danny Slavin as Leo Corbett, the Red Galaxy Ranger
      9.) Patrick David as Psycho Red
      10.) Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson, the Red Lightspeed Ranger
      11.) Jason Faunt as Alex & Wesley Collins, Time Force Red
      12.) Daniel Southworth as Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger
      13.) Ricardo Medina, Jr. as Cole Evans, Wild Force Red (he’s a part of this legacy too, killer or not)
      14.) Pua Magasiva as Shane Clarke, the Red Wind Ranger (rest in peace, good sir)
      15.) Adam Tuominen as Hunter Bradley, the Crimson Thunder Ranger
      16.) James Napier as Conner McKnight, the Red Dino Ranger
      (oh god, so many red SPD rangers…)
      17.) Gina Varela as Charlie, SPD A-Squad Red Ranger
      18.) Brandon Jay McLaren as Jack Landors, the 1st SPD B-Squad Red Ranger
      19.) Officer Tate (the actor seems to not have been credited), an SPD Red Ranger
      20.) Chris Violette as Sky Tate, the 2nd SPD B-Squad Red Ranger
      21.) James MacLurcan as Mack Hartford, the Red Overdrive Ranger
      22.) Matt Austin as Bridge Carson, the 3rd SPD B-Squad Red Ranger
      23.) Firass Dirani as Nick Russell, the Red Mystic Ranger
      24.) Jason Smith as Casey Rhodes, Jungle Fury Red
      25.) Eka Darville as Scott Truman, Ranger Operator Series Red
      26.) Alex Heartman as Jayden Shiba, the 18th Red Samurai Ranger
      27.) Steven A. Davis as Mr. Shiba, the 17th Red Samurai Ranger
      28.) Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows, Megaforce Red
      29.) Brennan Mejia as Tyler Navarro, the Red Dino Charge Ranger
      30.) Mike Edward as Dane Romero, Ninja Steel Red
      31.) William Shewfelt as Brody Romero, also Ninja Steel Red
      32.) Rorrie D. Travis as Devon Daniels, Beast Morphers Red

      Admittedly, I did lie a little and left a few names out. I have my reasons though. A few in particular because there are actually some rather clever twists around them and I didn’t want to spoil it.

      1. @Mr Good Guy – Lauren Shiba is also the Red Samurai Ranger!
        Why do people just accept that she is a Red Ranger?

        1. Look, when I said about Lauren Shiba: “Samurai Crimson”, I only meant that it was just an expression, hilariously, that’s all.

      1. Exactly, we have NO idea what Super Sentai season Hasbro will pick to be the next PR season after Beast Morphers

  2. Here are the previous Nickelodeon Family-friendly seasons for my pick:

    PR Megaforce Seasons 1 & 2 (2013-2014),
    PR Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge (2015-2016),
    PR Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel (2017-2018; Worst series ever, which it is gonna break the main 6 cast members’ hearts seriously).

    Now, here are the present and future Hasbro & Discovery Family-friendly seasons for my pick:

    PR Beast Morpher Seasons 1 & 2 (2019-2020),
    PR Starforce (Kyuranger adaptation; 2021),
    PR Dino Knight (Ryusoulger adaptation; A possible Dino Charge sequel; 2022),
    Untitled PR’s 30th Pearl Anniversary Season (2023),
    Untitled PR’S 31st Season (2024),
    Untitled PR’S 32nd Season (2025),
    Untitled PR’S 33rd Season (2026),
    Untitled PR’S 34th Season (2027), and
    Untitled PR’S 35th Jade Anniversary Season (2028).

    What are your wise logical thoughts?

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