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Major Ninja Steel Spoilers Leaked

Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale will not air in the United States until December, but international websites have begun to leak some of the major developments which will take place in the season’s final episode.

Gulli, a French TV website, has posted detailed spoilers of the accounts which will take place in the show’s finale. And apparently, two new Power Rangers will debut – Dane, the long lost father of Brody the Red Ranger, and Mick, the team’s humble mentor.

Both Dane and Mick will become Red Rangers, bringing a total of three Red Rangers to the team, as seen in the screenshot above from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the Japanese Sentai season fueling Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s English adaptation.

Fans can read a summary of Gulli’s account of what takes place in Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale below.

In the finale, Galvanax will use a powerful magnet designed by Victor and Monty to steal the Ninja Power Stars and give him final control over the entire universe. But as Galvanax’s evil plan inches towards success, Brody opts to destroy his own Ninja Power Star rather than let it fall into the hands of evil.

In a strange twist of events that are likely to make more sense when the episode airs, the Ninja Nexus Prism arrives on the scene and three Red Rangers emerge from within – Brody, his father Dane, and his mentor Mick.

The three Red Rangers are able to defeat Galvanax, with a little help from Madame Odius who betrays her evil master, and the world is saved…for now.

Dane’s return will likely come as no surprise, as many fans have long suspected Brody’s missing father would eventually return. The true surprise is likely Mick becoming a Red Ranger, as longtime Power Rangers actor Kelson Henderson now joins the elite ranks of those to become numerous Power Rangers (Kelson Henderson also portrayed Boom, the Orange Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D.).

Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale, which as of this writing still has no title, will adapt source footage from the finale of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. This could mean that Dane and Mick will only become one-time Red Rangers, and won’t morph again after this episode. It could also indicate that Galvanax will be killed off for good as the show transitions to Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018.

Should that happen, who will take over the role of the show’s primary villain in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel? While Madame Odius is guaranteed to stick around, fans can click here to recap an earlier hint which may have been dropped.

Spain is expected to air Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale as soon as September 17, 2017, at which point all of the finale’s secrets will leak online, including clips and photos.

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For now, fans can also watch Power Rangers Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm on Nickelodeon.

25 thoughts on “Major Ninja Steel Spoilers Leaked

  1. This is cool and for the rangers they are powerful then ever. So the ninja steel rangers are going to win and there be a good episode this is.

  2. That’s how Ninninger (the Japanese counterpart) ended with the 3 Red Rangers. It doesn’t add up. Not all of it’s footage was used for season 1. Guess they’re saving the rest for season 2.

  3. I Can’t Belive Madame Odius Is Working With The Rangers To Destroy Galvanax But Who Is The Next Villain Going To Be?

  4. i think the new primary villain character will be sir Velveteen a former noble lord from the shadow galaxy he brings along his own armada ship to conquer the universe he is revealed to be working a plan with madame odious he has some of his own unique diabolical monsters or he takes over gal van ax’s warrior dome ship with cosmos royal still surviving who is forced to join his side he continues the show as well he also desires the ninja power stars so he can take over the universe or maybe a twist will happen involving victor and Monty who have decided to become super villains after a accidental science class experiment making victor into a heckle and snide like alien and Monty also becomes a disgusting mutant adviser.

    1. It’s probably the adaptation version of Juza Yumihari from Ninninger summer movie, just like how Snide from Dino Super Charge is adapted from Neo-Geildon (which was the resurrected version of Zeltrax’s counterpart)

    1. Jerry they won’t air for one Saturday that’s nick day of play plus Halloween and Christmas’s original special not part of the story itself so it runs till the second week of december to finish the story then the special then nothing till super premiere

  5. Wait, how do you know the finale won’t air until December in the US? We’ve been getting episodes non-stop since the show came back.

  6. My question is what about the green ranger and will super ninja steel use the animal sentai as proof it will be a shame if that’s skip over

  7. I like the three red rangers power stars. And I like how they fight
    The red rangers are amazing they fight well really well
    They are amazing fighters

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