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Mighty Morphin Christmas Ornaments Released

Happy Holidays, Power Rangers fans!

This holiday season, get ready to make your Christmas trees mighty! Holiday tree ornaments based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been released, retailing at Target for $8 each.

Currently, the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and Pink Ranger are on sale, with each respective ornament featuring Tommy and Kimberly in a commanding battle pose.

It is unknown at this time if ornaments the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be released, or if Power Rangers from other seasons will join them on store shelves.

The brand new ornaments were found in stores by Twitter user @DenO_Tokunation.

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6 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Christmas Ornaments Released

    1. I’m sorry, but it seems Green Ranger is an in-store exclusive at Target. My advice is to call and ask when they get their new ornaments delivered to stores or, better yet, just keep checking in stores from time to time. Some days they’ll have them in stock, some days they won’t. I saw two Pink Rangers and a Green Ranger at my local Target one night, then the next they only had one Pink left and no Greens. The Blue Ranger ornament seems to be an online exclusive, as I’ve seen it on their website but not in their stores, and the Blue and Pink Rangers are usually in stock. Whatever you do, though, do NOT go to Ebay to find the Green Ranger ornament. Green Ranger ornaments sold in Target stores for $8 are already being sold for $30 (and up) by Ebay sellers. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help . I hope you find a Green Ranger ornament. Have a great day.

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