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Mighty Morphin Monster Guide Revealed

Prepare to document all the zany monsters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in this official, brand-new guide!

Alien Encounters In Angel Grove has been revealed – the ultimate Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monster guide. Written by Gabriel Cooper and published by Penguin Random House, the paperback book is slated for release in late June 2018 at an estimate price of $14.99.

Fans can click here to pre-order their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monster guide.

The 224-page book will allow fans to re-visit their favorite bad guys in all their whack forms from the 90’s TV show that launched a worldwide phenomenon.

Celebrate the Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary with this eye-witness account of Angel Grove’s earliest invaders.

Take a trip across the cosmos with this comprehensive guide to every alien invasion in Power Rangers history. From notoriously nefarious villains like Rita Repulsa to goofball goons like Pumpkin Rapper, discover a world of monsters, mutants, beasts, and baddies in this collectible book for fans of all ages.

Fans can find the official cover art above, and get set for the unexplained phenomena, sightings, and abductions revealed in their truth after 25 years.

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