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Mighty Morphin PEZ Released

Power Rangers fans are about to experience a blast from the past, as the Mighty Morphin Rangers meet PEZ!

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Yes, the sugary candy and their iconic pocket dispensers are now available in stores as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Available in three versions – the Red, Pink, and Black Rangers, fans can head to their local grocery store now to check for Power Rangers PEZ.

Fans can pick from two options: dispensers that come included with one PEZ refill pack, or dispensers that come included with three PEZ refills packs. The refills packs come included with the traditional three flavors: strawberry, orange, and grape.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers PEZ were first revealed in 2015. There are currently no plans announced to add other Rangers from the hit series, or from future Power Rangers seasons.

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