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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 Spoiler-Free Review

This review for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 from BOOM! Studios, the continuation to Shattered Grid, is SPOILER-FREE. The issue goes on sale April 18, 2018.

Tommy’s dead. How can Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID follow up on the shocking events of its kickoff issue?

With an even BETTER issue.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 picks up immediately where the last issue left off, and never fails to disappoint. Lord Drakkon’s back in action, and the Rangers are left grieving the loss of their fallen Green Ranger.

That’s part of what makes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 open with such a bang. There’s no happy ending here. There’s no funky time reversal tricks going on. The stakes are absolutely real as BOOM! Studios stays true to Tommy’s spine-chilling death that made Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID a sold-out hit at comic book stores nationwide.

And just as the previous issue teased, legendary Rangers are now beginning to enter the fray. After being advertised on the merits of seeing your favorite Power Ranger teams unite, Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID delivers with the arrival of Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger, in addition to the characters from Power Rangers Samurai.

In the first preview released for the issue, fans can witness the Samurai Rangers come face to face with the evil Lord Drakkon.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 Preview Page.

While some fans will greatly anticipate the showdown between the Samurai Rangers and Lord Drakkon’s army of Sentries, others will be more excited to see how Kimberly and her teammates cope with the loss of Tommy. Some might be enticed by the idea of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers finally interacting with Jen Scotts, and some will be drawn in to see what evil plan Lord Drakkon conspires next.

No matter which of the above you’re most looking forward to, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 delivers on all accounts in thrilling fashion, ensuring that every reader will leave satisfied no matter what they seek.

The issue ends the only way writer Kyle Higgins knows how – by dropping fans’ jaws to the floor, while watching them desperately clamor for more. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 will leave readers with another ingenious wrinkle in a comic series full of imaginative twists and turns.

On the artwork front, artist Daniele Di Nicuolo continues to deliver with visuals that strikingly capture the emotion, action, and deception that unfolds across all 26-pages. The highlight of the issue’s artwork easily comes from seeing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers side by side with iconic heroes from the franchise’s past.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 Main Cover by Jamal Campbell.

All in all, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 is an incredible second chapter to the SHATTERED GRID storyline that’s sweeping Ranger Nation. If you liked the first, you’ll love the second.

Head to your local comic book shop now to order your copy, releasing April 18, 2018.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 continues the events of Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID with an issue even better than its first. Featuring shocking twists, raw emotion, and legendary Rangers throughout its pages, this issue packs all the “Morphin Time” intensity that fans have long awaited.

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  1. If Lord Drakkon used Dark Robo Knight, Psycho Rangers, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and his army to destroys Legendary Rangers (Six Mighty Morphin Rangers, Five Aquitar Rangers, Ninjor, Six Zeo Rangers, 5 Turbo Rangers, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger, 6 Space Rangers, 5 Galaxy Rangers, Magma Defender, 6 Lightspeed Rangers, 7 Time Force Rangers, 6 Wild Force Rangers, 6 Ninja Storm Rangers, 5 Dino Rangers, 10 SPD Rangers, 8 Mystic Rangers, 6 Overdrive Rangers, 5 Jungle Fury Rangers, 7 RPM Rangers Series Operators, 7 Samurai Rangers and 5 Mega Rangers, Robo Knight, 6 Super Mega Rangers, 5 Beast Morphers Rangers, 10 Dino Charge Rangers and 8 Ninja Steel Rangers), No Power Rangers will defeat Lord Drakkon without New Legendary Power Rangers (Squadron, Blitz, Prism, Lightning, Supersonic, Battalion).

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