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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special Announced

A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special one-shot comic is coming in June from BOOM! Studios.

The standalone comic will honor the first 25 years of Power Rangers and all of its teams that have inspired viewers around the world since the show’s initial premiere on August 28, 1993.

The story is being described as “a love letter” to the characters who have made Power Rangers special for 25 years.

“The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special is a love letter to the characters and teams that have deeply affected so many lives around the world.” – Dafna Pleban, Editor, BOOM! Studios

“In addition to the show, we’ve been able to continue to create incredible, fresh experiences for fans, like this anniversary comic book special with amazing writers and the great team at BOOM! Studios, to celebrate these aspirational yet relatable teen heroes who really inspire people.” – Brian Casentini, Executive Producer, Power Rangers

The Anniversary Special will be written by Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim, DC Comics/Young Animal’s upcoming Eternity Girl), Joe Quinones (AmericaHoward the Duck), Sina Grace (IcemanSelf-Obsessed) and Marcus To (Guardians of the Galaxy, DC’s upcoming Justice League: No Justice miniseries).

Covers will be designed by mainstay Buffy the Vampire Slayer cover artist Steve Morris, plus variants by Rahzzah and Joe Quinones.

Fans can check out the first of those covers below.

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The news was first announced at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, with additional detail provided by CBR.

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10 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special Announced

  1. >Mags Visaggio and Sina Grace

    Please for the love of all deities across all religions please don’t let either of them anywhere near either of MMPR and GGPR’s writing teams

    They’re both so toxic in the comics community and such terrible writers.

    1. You already got your wish. They already mocked religion in the new Power Rangers movie by portraying people like that as insane, so I don’t think you have to worry about that. Saban hates both religion and spiritually, he answers to money and money only.

      1. Nah, Haim Saban is a pretty faithful Israeli American; so I mean TECHNICALLY you’re right about the money, but that in turn makes your first point wrong-that IS his faith.

    2. No. Fans are the real problem. I’ve followed them on Twitter and read their work. It was very good.

      1. They’re both terrible. Iceman was canceled and that Kim mess was atrocious.

        Mags talking about going around assaulting people with a bat because he was mad at the president.

    3. The people who started harassment campaigns against them are the toxic ones.

      You’re being manipulated by bigots and transphobes, my dude.

          1. That’s a screenshot.

            Mags’ comics suck, dude, and he freaks out and is irrational all the time.

            If you’re so ecstatic about someone who’s a horrible writer on the PR comics then you must want them to collapse.

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