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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #29 Details


Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID is set to continue in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 – hitting stores this July!

The issue will continue on the events of the biggest Power Rangers comic book event ever, set in motion in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 on sale now.

“It’s the penultimate month of Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID and we’re pulling out all the stops as the biggest Power Ranger battle you’ve ever seen in comics begins here. While that battle rages on, we’ll see Kimberly literally confronting a dark version of herself in the Ranger Slayer – and that is going to end in a way no one can guess!” – Dafna Pleban, Editor, BOOM! Studios

Fans can check out the official covers below, which features the debut of Power Rangers In Space and Power Rangers Dino Thunder teams – complete with their Galaxy Gliders and Raptor Cycles!

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The newest details come courtesy of ComicBook.com.

Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID will span across issues of BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comics, and two special one-shot spinoffs. The story line will follow Lord Drakkon – who’s returned with a newly reformed deadly army that threatens the existence of every Power Ranger ever. In order to combat the threat, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will join forces with popular faces and teams from all across the franchise’s 25-year history in an event like never seen before.

The issue, written by Kyle Higgins, will release in July 2018. Fans can find the official synopsis below.

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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their allies prepare their final counterattack against Lord Drakkon. A new ally to the Power Rangers makes it through to their world and Zordon makes a last call for help.

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Daniele di Nicuolo
Main Cover: Jamal Campbell
Variant Cover: Jordan Gibson
Variant Cover: Carlos Villa

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