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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #47 Details

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47 is coming to stores in January!

The issue will continue the Power Rangers: Necessary Evil storyline, where Jason, Zack, and Trini become the Omega Rangers, and the White Ranger makes his long awaited debut into BOOM! Studios’ comic book line.

Power Rangers: Necessary Evil will bring back the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team of Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy – and revolve around the fallout of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47 will be written by writer Ryan Parrott, and designed by artist Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Fans can check out the official covers and synopsis for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47 below.

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After a shocking betrayal, the Omega Rangers are forced to return to Earth – and reveal their identities to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But can either team of Power Rangers survive the truth?

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Main Cover: Jamal Campbell
Variant Cover: Kris Anka

8 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #47 Details

  1. Sorry to say this, but honestly, Lightspeed Rescue, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, Samurai, Super Samurai, Super Megaforce (which it should’ve been just called Megaforce Season 2; plus the stupidest and girl stealing false original 6th Ranger, Orion of Andresia aka Super Megaforce Silver, which the Gokai pirate Silver outfit should never been used), Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel (including the embarrassing Victor Vincent and his dum brotherly pal Monty) are all the worst seasons ever made.

      1. Right behind ya, buddy. Lightspeed was pretty basic but after the two space operas that were In Space and Lost Galaxy, that was the point (and it was awesome) and Jungle Fury was a wonderful coming of age story.

    1. I’m not stupid. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. And just to let you know, I’m not talking about the suits (except the unfitable Gokai pirate suits, pirate Arsenals, pirate transformation devices, and pirate mecha vehicles), I’m only talking about the seasons (including the Gokaiger counterpart acting, which the second season of Megaforce ALMOST went the wrong way, all because of non other than the only lazy Treacherous former producer himself: Mr. Tzachor, who is already no longer in charge. So I thought I let you know that.

      And as for Cameron Jebo, he should’ve been known as the Silver PSYCHO Ranger (especially since his thriller tv movie: Killer Single Dad, as a psychological villain).

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