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Mighty Morphin Season 1 Steelbook Announced

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are back, and ready to own – again!

Shout! Factory is releasing the complete first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a special, Steelbook edition package. Featuring the original Black Ranger helmet, the brand new packaging can be seen above.

The product will mark yet another release of the complete season on DVD for fans who have yet to pick it up. The DVD will feature all 60 episodes of the hit TV show that blasted Power Rangers into the halls of pop culture fame.

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The Steelbook edition will release on April 16, 2019, and can be pre-ordered at the link above at a retail price of $27.99.

Shout! Factory first released Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 as part of a Steelbook edition box set in 2018 in celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

The company now appears set on breaking apart that box set into individual releases for each of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons, although an individual release for Season 2 or Season 3 has yet to be confirmed.

Fans who purchased the box set will also recall it came bundled with a special Steelbook edition Blu-ray of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. At this time, it is unknown if that will also receive an individual release outside of the box set.

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4 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Season 1 Steelbook Announced

  1. After all of SF’s issues shipping the steelbook box set, I’m not surprised they’re selling them individually. I personally pre-ordered the 25th Anniversary box set the day it went up, and two months AFTER it was released I finally got mine… and the metal box was ruined. Literally crushed flat and griding all the steelbooks together. A month later they were nice enough to send a replacement that arrived in *slightly* better condition.

    From what I understand, I was one of MANY to have this issue, so it’s no wonder that SF decided to scrap the metal box and sell just the steelbooks.

    1. Is anyone planning to buy this? I am. I’m gonna buy it. I never owned a Steelbook DVD before. I’m not a fan of MMPR, I prefer the newer seasons. But I still like fan favorites like Tommy, Jason, and Zack. So I’ll get it

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