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Ninja and Shogun Megazord Mini-Pla Kits Revealed

Bandai Shokugan is bringing the Ninja Megazord and Shogun Megazord to life!

Joining the company’s line of Mini-Pla Kits will be the iconic Megazords from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3.

The Mini-Pla Kits are small plastic model kits that allow fans to enjoy the iconic Zords either individually, or combined as a towering Megazord. Fully articulated and made of color-coded plastic, the Kits faithfully recreate the memorable robots from the hit 90’s TV show.

Each constructed Megazord will stand at approximately 6 inches tall.

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The Ninja Megazord Mini-Pla Kit (seen above) combines six iconic Zords granted to the Rangers by the legendary Ninjor. The Ape Zord, Wolf Zord, Ape Zord, Bear Zord, Crane Zord, and Falcon Zord will be fans’ to own when they pre-order the Ninja Megazord for $106 Tokullectibles by clicking here.

The Ninja Megazord Mini-Pla Kit is slated for release in September 2018.

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The Shogun Megazord Mini-Pla Kit (seen above) combines five iconic Zords that bear the same animal spirits as the Ninja Zords. Fans can pre-order the Shogun Megazord for $68 Tokullectibles by clicking here.

The Shogun Megazord Mini-Pla Kit is slated for release in September 2018.

The newest reveals come courtesy of Tokullectibles.

Bandai Shokugan is a subset of Bandai America, primarily dedicated to building low priced toys for properties ranging from Gundam, to One Piece, to Sailor Moon.

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7 thoughts on “Ninja and Shogun Megazord Mini-Pla Kits Revealed

  1. Is this the same line as those mini dragon Zord and original megazord that I thinks I’ve seen be super expensive? Because I thought that was BAJ but I certainly could be wrong

  2. Would have been nice to get full size legacy Tor and Shogun zords from BoA to complete my season 2 and 3 zord sets..but of course, Nope!

  3. yes finally this ones are going to come out but im waiting even mor for the thunder megazord i want that dragon

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