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Most Exciting Power Rangers Things In 2019!

There was the Saban Era. Then came the Disney Era. And most recently, there was the Saban Brands Era.

But in 2019, a new era of Power Rangers arrives. It’s time for the Hasbro Era.

The newest owners of Power Rangers have spent the latter part of 2018 getting their arms around their newly acquired franchise. That changes in 2019 as the Power Rangers’ first year under Hasbro kicks off. The toys, the TV show, and all the other mediums Power Rangers is set to appear on: it’s all Hasbro.

With so much “old” behind us, and so much “new” in front of us, 2019 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year for Power Rangers.

Without further ado – the TOP 6 most exciting Power Rangers things to look forward to in 2019!



#6. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

Renegade Games is set to deliver the Power Rangers’ brand’s first, unique board game.

First announced in 2018, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid became an instant sensation among fans around the world, who backed the project on Kickstarter to continue expanding the game’s roster. With characters from Mighty Morphin Power RangersPower Rangers Hyperforce, and seasons in between, this game is shaping up to be the strategic, calculated adventure that Power Rangers gamers have long demanded.

In 2019, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid will finally release, and it’ll be game on as fans take to the board with all their friends. It’s an experience that the Power Rangers franchise has never truly offered before – until 2019.



#5. Ryuusouger

A Super Sentai season on a Power Rangers list?

In 2019, Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusouger will premiere in Japan, giving fans their first look at a potential Power Rangers season down the road. Thus far, everything from the suits, to the Zords, to the gimmicks has been incredibly well received, and fans will have to wait and see if things continue to follow that trend as the season progresses.

Dinosaurs in particular have been a proven winner for the Power Rangers brand historically, so it’s fair to say that Ryuusouger has a legitimate shot at becoming a Power Rangers season in 2021. We’re a long way from that decision, but the road to Power Rangers 2021 begins with Ryuusouger in 2019.



#4. The Dark Ranger

In 2019, the Dark Ranger finally arrives.

Ever since his absence from Power Rangers Dino Charge in 2015, fans have ferociously demanded the Dark Ranger (previously known as the Talon Ranger). An incredibly popular character based on his Sentai counterpart, the Dark Ranger was an evil character that Heckyl was seemingly set up to become, but never did in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

In 2019, BOOM! Studios will bring the Dark Ranger to life as Heckyl’s back story is revealed in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #35. How did Heckyl become the Dark Ranger? What kind of powers does he possess?

Readers won’t have to wait long to find out as the issue drops in January 2019.



#3. Hascon

A new era in Power Rangers means a brand new kind of experience. In 2019, Power Rangers will be a part of their very first Hascon.

Hascon first began in 2017 as Hasbro’s premiere fan destination in Rhode Island. A convention akin to Disney’s D23 or Blizzard’s Blizzcon, Hascon allows Hasbro to bring all of their brands to life with panels, experiences, and announcements at their convention.

While exact dates for Hascon 2019 have yet to be revealed, the event typically takes place in the month of September near Hasbro’s corporate headquarters in Rhode Island. That is expected to change in 2019 as Hasbro has already teased changes – both in date and location – for 2019, so exact plans remain unknown.

What announcements, and experiences, will Hasbro have on hand for Power Rangers? We’ll find out in 2019!



#2. Power Rangers Beast Morphers

The 26th season of Power Rangers is ready to go.

In 2019, viewers will get their first taste of Power Rangers under Hasbro – and it won’t be the same TV show fans have become accustomed to from the Saban Brands Era.

With new characters and new powers, a brand new adventure will unfold as part of the Power Rangers’ newest incarnation. Plus, this season offers concepts that are expected to feel very new to the brand. Morph-X aims to bring an added dimension to the franchise’s universe building ability, and the Beast Bots aim to become lovable companions that the Power Rangers franchise has sorely missed for years.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the future, and in 2019, that future becomes the present.



#1. Hasbro’s Power Rangers Toys

In 2019, Hasbro’s Power Rangers toys touch down – which means that for the first time in the brand’s 25-year history, there will be Power Rangers toys not made by Bandai.

What exactly does it all mean? Outside the Lightning Collection, not much has been revealed on Hasbro’s upcoming toy plans. Those plans are expected to be officially unveiled at Toy Fair 2018 in February.

But after following a specific blueprint for the past 25 years under Bandai, it’s safe to say that everything we’ve known before can be thrown out the window. This is a brand new age for Power Rangers, and no rules we’ve followed for the last 25 years are safe.

In 2019, Hasbro will unveil, release, and sell their first ever Power Rangers toys. What that truly means has yet to be seen. But one thing is definitive: we’ll all be there for every minute of it.


So, did we get it right? What else are you excited for in 2019? Let us know!

27 thoughts on “Most Exciting Power Rangers Things In 2019!

  1. On the real though, you think that Hasbro is gonna skip 4 Sentai’s that have yet to be adapted for PR just cause the next sentai is Dinosaur themed?

      1. I don’t know. We say that every year and it never happens. Sentai can’t be killed. I only hope that Nintendo never kills the 3ds.

    1. I could honestly see it. Trains, Origami Animals, very Japanese looking cops n’ robbers. None of those seem like a way to solidify the brand for Hasbro.

      And while I think Kyu could be in the running, with Bandai America having had a hand in guiding the design of the Sentai I wonder if there aren’t any hard feelings that might be avoided.

      Jumping right to this would get PR back up to date (roughly) with the sentai, and give Hasbro a Dino themed show early on, which I’m sure they’re jonsing for. American kids love dinosaur robots. It’s science.

      1. I do hope they adapt lupinranger vs patoranger season. 2 ranger team fighting each other with a 3rd faction which is the monster faction. I think it will be a hit if it gets a english version.

  2. It’s actually called Ryusoulger. But I could totally see it being the next PR season in 2021. Unless they go with KYU. But I don’t see any of the most recent SS being adapted.

    1. No it’s not. The Japanese name is “リュウソウジャー” literally transliterated as Ryuusoujaa or Ryusouger.

  3. I’m really looking forward to the megazords. I’m hoping for more articulated figures. Honestly, it seems like they’ve been stuck in the equivalent of G1 for Transformers since forever. I know this sounds crazy, but I’d love to see megazords done with the level of detail, engineering, and love as the Transformers Masterpiece line. I know this won’t happen, both because they would be too expensive and because it’s Tamara Tomy in Japan that does the MPs, but a guy can dream. And yes, I drew a lot of comparisons to Transformers, but I’m a super nerd for them. It’s what I know Hasbro for. I know they are far from the same. But I love both with all my heart, and I’m constantly frustrated with Bandai’s apparent inability to give us higher end collector stuff. And I know the legacy line exists, but beyond the role play stuff, they just seem so “mainline”. And I also have the Soul of Chogokin megazords, but their articulation still seems limited. And besides, there are enough MMPR sores out their, the ogs, the legacy, and now the Super Minipla kits. I personally want to see a higher end Dino Thunder, SPD (my fav, the one I watched as a kid), and especially RPM (argruably the best season, and I REALLY want an ultrazord that isn’t MMPR.) ok, essays over

  4. This is my list for Super Sentai adaptations:
    2024-Lupinranger vs Patoranger

    1. 1st of all – Toqger adaptation is not gonna happen,
      2nd of all – Zyuohger adaptation is not gonna happen either,
      And 3rd of all – Lupinranger Vs Patranger adaptation is certainly not gonna happen at all.
      That’s the way I see it clearly.

  5. Please, please, pleeeeeease Hasbro, don’t make the beast-bots (specially the silver one) stereotypical robots like Redbot, the charm they had in Go-Busters was their unique personalities and flaws within them such as Nick having a bad direction sense or Jay an egotist.
    I’m not asking for them to be exactly like their counterparts but at least to give each one some charisma of their own

  6. I wish we could get Power Rangers Complete Season Blu-Ray Sets. I don’t care that PR isn’t mainstream or that its not popular and s**t. I Want Power Rangers Complete Seasons on F*****g Blu-Ray.

    1. I still don’t like Ciara Hanna, because – just like Jason D. Frank – she is actually made and still making herself a fool by cheating on all other young men.

      1. I once watched a video on YouTube and it said that Jason David Frank is now NOT the greatest Ranger of all time, because people said that he was and is making a fool outta himself.

        I also once watched another video on YouTube and it also said that Ciara Hanna aka just the original standard Megaforce Yellow is a real life cheater to all her ex-boyfriends she cheated on, and it was called “Everything wrong with Ciara Hanna”.

  7. Please Hasbro adapt Toqger because we need official first orange ranger and another female yellow ranger

  8. Did Ciara Hanna or any other ranger girl not know that Cameron Jebo, that wield jerk, is still already married to Nicole Wrigh-Jebo for 7 years?

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