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New Legacy Press Photos Released

Press photos for two of Bandai’s upcoming Legacy products based on Saban’s Power Rangers movie have been released!

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Depicted is 2017’s Legacy Helmet, for the film’s Red Ranger, and the Legacy Power Coin set. Both items are slated for release in late summer 2017 at an estimated price of $99.99.

Bandai’s Legacy Helmet line first began in 2016 with the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger. In 2017, the line will continue with a Legacy Helmet based on the Red Ranger from Saban’s Power Rangers movie, first unveiled at Toy Fair 2017. The final version of the Legacy Helmet will contain grooves, an attempt to re-create the helmet’s “bowling ball”-like texture seen in-film.

The Legacy Power Coin set will feature all five of the Power Coins pulled from the rocks of Angel Grove – encased in a special black display box with light-up capability. The set was also first unveiled at Toy Fair 2017.

UPDATE (8/20/17): The Legacy Red Ranger Helmet was been released as found at Toys R Us in Phoenix, Arizona by Instagram user @reyesvzranger.

UPDATE (9/5/17): The Legacy Power Coin set was been released as found at Toys R Us in Phoenix, Arizona by Instagram user @reyesvzranger.

Fans can pre-order both items on BigBadToyStore now by clicking here. And check out the official product descriptions below.

Legacy Helmet
Cosplay as the Red Ranger from the Saban’s Power Ranger Movie in a full-scale wearable Power Ranger helmet designed for long-lasting comfortable cosplay wear. This 1:1 ratio helmet can also be placed on display as a highly detailed replica.

Legacy Power Coin Set
The Power Rangers are back in the Power Rangers Movie and so are their Power Coins! With the revival of the Power Rangers franchise and the release of the feature film comes a new set of the iconic coins of power that started it all. Every coin is a faithful reproduction of its film counterpart, each highlighting a different zord; Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Mastodon, Saber-tooth Tiger, and T-Rex. The set comes complete with its own sleek display case featuring lights to illuminate the coins as the Morphin Grid pulses through them.

4 thoughts on “New Legacy Press Photos Released

  1. The Helmet is probably gonna be oversized again like the MMPR red ranger helmet. =/. I mean seriously, I don’t think the majority of fans have a head that big. They made it for like the 1 percentile of fan head size. >=(
    The power coins better be a major step up from the current $25 MMPR coin set. I don’t think lights should cost an extra $90…..(i say this cause i want them, but that price seems ridicously high for what it is. Hope Bandai isn’t trying to take advantage of us collectors by making an overpriced item just cause they know we will buy it….)

  2. Price seems way too high. They at least could’ve included the green power coin. Don’t think worth it. But it’s cool the case has lights. Rather wait for the price to go down or become a clearance item.

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