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New Boom! Studios Sentries Revealed

Earlier in 2017, Boom! Studios revealed the all-new Mastodon Sentries into their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic universe – armored military-style Black Rangers that work under the evil Lord Drakkon.

But now, in Issue #13, more Sentries are joining the fray – this time based off the Red, Yellow, and Pink Power Rangers.

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Above, fans can check out the first look at the Tyrannosaur, Sabertooth, and Pterodactyl Sentries which will armor up as the evil forces under Lord Drakkon. Each design is completely unique as told by writer Kyle Higgins in an interview with ComicBook.com.

“We wanted each design to feel really unique, taking advantage of the style, weapons, etc. that are specific to each Ranger the Sentries are based on.”

The end result? A Power Bow/Snipe Rifle combo for the Pterodactyl Sentry. A double-edged Power Sword for the Tyrannosaur Sentry. And a Power Dagger/Blaster combo for the Sabertooth Sentry. And of course different wardrobes for each of the Sentries as well.

With four evil soldiers now revealed, most fans will obviously notice that fifth missing link: a Triceratops Sentry. Higgins addressed those concerns for fans seeking a future Blue Ranger-based Sentry.

“All I’ll say is, there’s a reason why there AREN’T Triceratops Sentries in our story to this point…”

Fans can check out all the evil of the Power Rangers Sentries in Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #13 – in stores March 15.

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    1. So pink is a hunter, red is a warlock, and yellow is a titan? Guess that means black is also a titan, they have a similar heavy soldier look.

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