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New Kyuranger Details Surface

Scans for Japan’s next Super Sentai season (and potentially the US’ 2019 Power Rangers season) have hit the Internet!

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, a constellation-themed season, has been an instant hit among fans since it first debuted in December. And while the Kyuranger suits have been among fans’ highlights, new details and character bio’s have surfaced.

The Orange Ranger’s suit has a tail.
The Blue Ranger’s suit is furry.
The Pink Ranger’s suit has wings.

Fans will also be quick to notice the Black Ranger sporting a much larger build, the Gold Ranger suit being robotic, and the Green Ranger being the first female of its color. The official character bio’s (posted by Twitter user @TheRealMattHunt) can be read below:

Red – A warrior born under the Leo constellation. He has an extreme level of good luck, and is good in a pinch.

Blue – A Beast Man (Jyujin) warrior who specializes in fighting wild opponents.

Green – A Ninja who has a plethora of ninja techniques. Seems to be an alien as she can change the color of her body to hide.

Black – A robot with amazing physical power.

Yellow – A chef who is better than anyone at cooking. Excels in blade attacks.

Orange – A warrior who uses his poison tail in his fighting techniques.

Gold – A techno path. He is a mechanical life form.

Silver – A Hebitsukai alien and can stop people from moving. He fights in tandem with Gold.

Pink – A warrior adept at flying and speed. She’s an Eagle-type Android.

Those looking for new photos can check out all the new scans below (as shared by Twitter user @tavion_jackson & @TheRealMattHunt), and stay tuned for more Kyuranger scans & reveals coming soon!

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