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New Kyuranger Power-Up Revealed

The current season of Super Sentai, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, is getting ready to welcome a brand new power-up mode!

Introducing Orion Mode, otherwise known as ShiShi Red Orion on the Japanese superhero TV show. HeroShock.com provided the first look at the new mode, which will be harnessed by the Red Ranger in the Super Sentai season that is widely believed to be coming overseas as a Power Rangers adaption in 2019.

The new mode will allow the Red Ranger to tap into the power of his fellow teammates in order to create his strongest attack yet – the Big Bang All Star Galaxy!

Unique to the mode is its sleek new design, which will feature a new cape and spandex combo which strongly resembles a White Ranger. But contrary to its initial appearance, underneath the bright white spandex will be the Red Ranger – re-colored and more powerful than ever before.

Fans can check out additional images of ShiShi Red Orion below, and get ready for his debut in the coming weeks.

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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger already features a walloping 12-Ranger team, with rumors flying that a 13th Ranger may join the team before the season’s end.

With a wide and colorful array of Rangers, Zords, gimmick Orbs, and arsenal, Power Rangers fans could see the constellation-themed superheroes on US airwaves soon as the potential newest incarnation of Power Rangers.

Fans in Japan can catch new episodes of Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger every Saturday.

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7 thoughts on “New Kyuranger Power-Up Revealed

  1. I call it power rangers star force with 13 power rangers new heroes new zords new morphers in this outer space adventure after power rangers super ninja steel if saban brand will develop a new series coming to nick in 2019 plus another season in 2020 with the new cast plus power rangers 2 in march or April rangersforever

  2. Kyuranger got 12 Rangers right now, but there is a special rumor that they might have one Ranger to join. But we’ll wait to find out soon enough.

  3. Look people, I don’t like to say this, but I watched the Kyuranger TV show. But I honestly need to tell you people – I’ve seen some of the Kyuranger episodes which are okay, but most of the Kyuranger episodes are TOO violent (which I hate bloody images) and certainly TOO dramatic.

    1. Wait I was wrong. The American version of the new PR season, based on or off the Kyuranger adaptation, must be a friendly emotional season, or something like that.

  4. I definitely choose the kyuranger adaptation as Hasbro’s Power Rangers Starforce.

    Now I know I see sentai version teams order for 2017’s Kyuranger such as this:

    Core Team
    Red (Lion)
    Blue (Wolf)
    Yellow (Swordfish)
    Black (Ox)
    Green (Chameleon)

    Secondary Team
    Silver (Snake)
    Gold (Libra)
    Pink (Eagle)
    Orange (Scorpion)

    But for the possible 2021’s Ranger version teams reverse order, I really like to see this:

    Main 5-Core Team
    Starforce Red (Male Human)
    Starforce Pink (Female Human; Red’s Love Interest)
    Starforce Black (Male Robot)
    Starforce Silver (Male Alien; First African-American Silver Ranger?)
    Starforce Gold (Female Robot; First African-American Gold Ranger voice by African-Kiwi actress, Zoe Robins?)

    Auxiliary Team
    Starforce Orange (Male Alien)
    Starforce Green (Female Alien)
    Starforce Yellow (Male Human; First Indian-American Yellow Ranger?)
    Starforce Blue (Male Alien)
    Starforce Purple (Male Alien Second-In-Command)
    Starforce Ice (Male Alien Commander)
    Starforce Fire (Male Human)

    That’s it. And I think it might work. If it sounds good to Hasbro, as well as the Discovery Family.

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