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New Legacy Toys Revealed

All new Power Rangers Legacy Toys have been revealed!

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Among the new reveals to Bandai’s popular toy line includes Power Rangers Movie Power Coins, Ninja Power Coins (from MMPRToys), and Capsule Figures.The new toys will release throughout 2017. Fans can check out photos of the new Legacy Toys at Toy Fair by clicking here.

Legacy Coin Sets – Brand new Legacy Coin Sets will be released! The long awaited Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ninja Coins are coming soon, as well as the Power Rangers Movie Power Coins. The Power Rangers Movie Power Coins will retail at $99.99. Both Coin Sets include five coins for each of the Power Rangers in their respective season/film, and come packaged in a special display box.

Legacy Zeo, Dino Thunder Figures – Toy Fair 2017 provided the first look at Waves 4 and 5 of Bandai’s Legacy Figure line – the heroes of Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Dino Thunder. The figures will come included with weapons and Build-A-Figure pieces, releasing in fall 2017.

Capsule Figures – All-new Capsule Figures have been announced: tiny action figures based on 24 years of Power Rangers history packaged in rock-like packages that can be used to create a playset. The line will include characters and Zords from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to Power Rangers Ninja Steel, to the Power Rangers movie. Fans will be able to purchase the blind bagged figures starting in 2017, at $3.99 per figure.

Legacy Morphin Metallic Figures – Bandai will be re-releasing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Figures in summer 2017, this time in metallic paint. The set will give fans the chance to own the Rangers’ individualized weapons, which have long been requested. Each Legacy Figure will retail at the same price of $19.99.

Legacy Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Helmet – Bandai will be continuing their line of Legacy Helmets, which are full-scale wearable helmets for fans of all ages. Following last year’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger, 2017’s Legacy Helmet will be the Power Rangers movie Red Ranger.

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16 thoughts on “New Legacy Toys Revealed

  1. Only five for the Ninja Coins? Is there a reason why Tommy is being excluded from the coins collection? I get the new movie as he isn’t part of that yet. And even Dino coins since he got later in the game. But to exclude him from the Ninja side as well, is a bit too much. Especially considering he was a main character by then. Glad to see we will get some of his other Rangers but still, as a collector it feels incomplete without the falcon.

  2. I hope these are just for prototype display and not the final look, because the MMPR Pink ranger along with the Zeo Yellow and Pink Ranger’s skirts are incorrect.

  3. Will there be a release of the legacy Tor the Shuttlezord and the Shogun Zord? Also the Black and Gold version of the Thunder Megazord?

    1. i doubt they will due a black and gold thunder the regular leg thunder is expensive enough as it is. as far as thor. meh. as long as they do legacy shogun im happy(providing the arm is white and not pink)

  4. So when are the going to release the dragon and tiger diecast coins, the ninja coins, and alien coins.

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