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New Power Rangers DVD Collections Released

Lionsgate Home Entertainment, owners of the Power Rangers’ home video license for seasons released in 2011 and later, has unveiled brand new DVD collection sets!

Three total sets have been released, covering every complete season of the Saban Brands era of Power Rangers (2011-present). With similarly styled artwork gracing each cover, the DVD collections sets each contain 8-10 DVD’s featuring two complete seasons.

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai DVD Collection (2011-2012)

The complete seasons of Samurai and Super Samurai in one affordable collection! In “Power Rangers Samurai,” a new generation of Power Rangers is ready for action! After dark forces escape from the Netherworld, the Rangers must harness the powers of the Samurai to battle a formidable foe: Master Xandred, a mysterious warrior bent on total destruction! In “Power Rangers Super Samurai,” the Samurai Rangers have only one chance to stop Xandred and his monsters: unlock the power of the Black Box – and become Super Samurai! Featuring 40 Mega-Exciting Episodes on 8 Discs.

Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce DVD Collection (2013-2014)

The complete seasons of Megaforce and Super Megaforce in one affordable collection! In “Power Rangers Megaforce,” Gosei, a protector of the Earth, recruits five teens with talent and attitude to form the ultimate team: the Power Rangers Megaforce. As Warstar aliens plan to invade Earth, the Megaforce team proves that “Earth’s defenders never surrender!” In “Power Rangers Super Megaforce,” the Rangers battle the ruthless Prince Vekar, using special Morphers and Keys to transform into the Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Featuring 38 Mega-Exciting Episodes on 10 Discs.

Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge DVD Collection (2015-2016)

The complete seasons of Dino Charge and Dino Supercharge in one affordable collection. In “Power Rangers Dino Charge,” evil bounty hunter Sledge is out to collect the Energems – ten colored gems with incredible powers. It’s up to the teen heroes known as the Power Rangers to hunt down the Energems and defeat Sledge once and for all. In “Power Rangers Dino Super Charge,” the team is threatened by Sledge’s most dangerous prisoner, Heckyl. It will take every weapon in their arsenal to subdue Heckyl and save the universe! Featuring 42 supercharged episodes on 9 Discs.

The newest DVD collections have already begun hitting store shelves, found at FYE in New Jersey.

The collections do not contain each season’s Halloween and Christmas themed holiday special. The collections are available in DVD format only.

6 thoughts on “New Power Rangers DVD Collections Released

  1. That awesome power rangers DVD collection I like power rangers but when the DVD collection gonna be release could be October okay love it

  2. These aren’t supposed to be available until October 10th. How can they be at FYE in New Jeresy? They were only announced yesterday.

    1. The report about October 10 is not true. These are in stores now, as evidenced by the picture.

      1. Well Amazon says October 10th and I get all my Power Rangers DVDs off amazon, so I’ll wait till the release date thank you.

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