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New Power Rangers Funko Products

Funko’s suite of merchandise is about to get a mighty morphin’ boost!

Just announced, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers will be taking over Funko’s product line with all new pint-size heroes, pen toppers, and more! Below, fans can check out all the newly announced merchandise.

Funko Pop Vinyls

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Joining the previously announced Red, Pink, and White Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers will be their ally Alpha 5 (Walmart exclusive), along with metallic versions of the aforementioned Rangers (Hot Topic exclusives)!

Available on store shelves now, each Ranger comes in a unique battle pose to helps fans expand their collections of Funko Pop’s incredibly popular line of vinyl collectibles.



Funko’s Dorbz line, which sports various pop culture characters in happy gestured figurines, will be releasing all of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, as well as the evil Rita Repulsa (Toys R Us exclusive)!

The line will include special Chase versions of the figures, in metallic and glow-in-the-dark styles (Walmart exclusive).

As of February 2017, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Dorbz have been released, as found by Twitter user @Splongislandny3.

Pint Size Heroes


Funko’s cute Pint Size Heroes toy line will be receiving an action-packed boost with over 24 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers characters! Owning this line gives hardcore fans the chance to own merchandise for some of the show’s more under-represented characters.

Releasing in January 2017, the line will include rare characters such as Zordon, Finster, Scorpina, and unmorphed Rangers!

Pen Toppers


Funko’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers collection continues with pen toppers, perfect for powering through any writing assignment.

As of February 2017, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pen Toppers have been released, as found by Twitter user @Ranger_Reviewer.

Plush Dolls

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Funko will also be releasing new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers plush dolls, as spotted at Walmart by Twitter user @Rico_Ranger23. The dolls will come in seven variations for each of the core five Rangers, and both of Tommy’s colors.

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