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New Power Rangers Movie Original Yellow Rangers Photos

New photos of Fiona Vroom, the actress who portrayed the original Yellow Ranger in Saban’s Power Rangers movie, have surfaced!

The new photos, shared on Vroom’s Instagram page, give a highly detailed look at the Yellow Ranger that fought beside Zordon in the film’s opening prologue.

The unnamed character would of course meet her demise at the hands of Rita Repulsa, the original Green Ranger gone rogue.

Fans who check out Saban’s Power Rangers movie will see Vroom not only in the film’s opening minutes, but also later in the movie when she portrays a jewelry store owner who once again encounters Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa as the evildoer continues her present day search for gold.

Aside from Bryan Cranston’s version of Zordon, Vroom was the only original Power Ranger to be featured in Saban’s Power Rangers movie. The other three original Rangers (Blue, Black, and Pink) were never seen on screen.

And with the incredible makeup effects that the team performed on both Cranston and Vroom, one can only imagine what the other three original Power Rangers looked like before they were defeated by Rita Repulsa.

Fans can click here to see more photos of the makeup that went into making Bryan Cranston’s Zordon.

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