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New Power Rangers Movie Stills

The Roar, a website designed to be a mockup school insider for Angel Grove High School, has been updated with new content, articles, and stills for the Power Rangers Movie.

Fans can check out the site, which first launched following New York Comic-Con 2016, at AngelGroveHighSchool.com. Included among the new updates are:

•A notice alerting of the student base of the cafeteria’s closure due to an “incident”. The incident in question would be the Power Coins causing chaos in the lunch line, as seen in the official Power Rangers Movie teaser-trailer.

•An article breaking down Kimberly’s new look. While the official Power Rangers Movie teaser trailer reveals that Kimberly cuts her hair from being bullied, she’ll apparently bring with it a new, edgier look to her dress style as well.

•A student profile on Billy, describing him as a gentle, studios character around school whose grades have suddenly slipped since being assigned to detention.

•A letter from Trini in which she vents her frustrations about being the new girl at school- even one year into her term.

•An article discussing the struggles of the Angel Grove High’s football team ever since losing star quarterback Jason.

•A review of the students’ best Snapchats, including Zack who’s admired around the school hallways for his looks and charm.

Below, fans can check out all the new cast photos uploaded to the site. And check out the Power Rangers Movie in theaters March 24, 2017.

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