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New Power Rangers Movie Toy Commercials


New commercials for Bandai’s Power Rangers movie toy line have been released!

The new commercials market Bandai’s largest Megazord toy ever standing at 2 feet tall, and the individual T-Rex Battle Zord. Fans can click the links below to watch each of the new commercials.

*UPDATE: The commercials have since been taken offline*

The footage does link each of the movie’s Zords with a specific attribute:

•T-Rex (Red Ranger’s Zord) – Power
•Triceratops (Blue Ranger’s Zord) – Strength
•Mastodon (Black Ranger’s Zord) – Might
•Sabertooth (Yellow Ranger’s Zord) – Speed
•Pterodactyl (Pink Ranger’s Zord) – Stealth

Will these attributes define each Zord, or have any meaning once the film hits theaters on March 24, 2017?

Fans can check out a full lineup of Power Rangers movie toys from Bandai in stores now, & stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates.

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