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New Power Rangers Movie Toys Revealed

All new Power Rangers movie toys have been revealed at Toy Fair 2017!

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With Lionsgate’s blockbuster film getting ready to hit theaters on March 24, Bandai continues to roll out new additions to the movie’s action-packed toy line. Bandai has plans to release Power Rangers movie toys through Spring 2018, contingent on the film’s success. Fans can check out photos of the new Power Rangers movie toys at Toy Fair by clicking here.

New 5″ Action Figures – The Power Rangers movie’s core 5″ action figure line will continue to expand with brand new additions: including Rita Repulsa and the Putty Patrol on display at Toy Fair, and Zordon still to come. Both Rita and the Putty will begin to ship in the near future, each retailing at $9.99.

New Megazord Mask – The Power Rangers movie Megazord will join Bandai’s line of Sound Effects masks. Fans can wear the mask, and use its motion detector ability to activate new sounds.

Morphin Power Rita Repulsa – Rita Repulsa will be joining the Morphin Power line, which features each Ranger and their light-up abilities. While the Rita figure will not light up, she will instead come with staff twirling ability, retailing at approximately $16.99.

Legacy Power Rangers Movie Power Coin Set – A brand new Legacy Power Rangers Movie Coin Set will be released! The Coins will retail at $99.99 and come included with five coins for each of the Power Rangers in Lionsgate’s film. It will come packaged in a special display box.

Legacy Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Helmet – Bandai will be continuing their line of Legacy Helmets, which are full-scale wearable helmets for fans of all ages. Following last year’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger, 2017’s Legacy Helmet will be the Power Rangers movie Red Ranger.

New Then/Now Packs – Brand new Then/Now Packs will be released for the Power Rangers movie – packs including an action figure based on a Power Rangers movie character, with their classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers counterpart. Among the new reveals will be packs coming soon for Rita Repulsa, Alpha 5, and the Putty Patrol. Rita Repulsa’s pack will include a brand new 5″ figure based on the original Rita Repulsa, via MMPRToys.


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