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New Rejected Power Rangers Movie Rita Repulsa Designs

As we approach the 1-year mark since Saban’s Power Rangers movie hit theaters, more rejected designs for the film’s arch-nemesis, Rita Repulsa, have surfaced.

Portrayed by Elizabeth Banks, the re-envisioned Rita Repulsa went through a series of design variations behind-the-scenes before landing on the final costume. Concept artist Andrew Baker shared his concept art for Rita Repulsa on his webpage – designs which almost came to life for the original Green Ranger gone rogue.

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The first concept art image shows a very different design for Rita – one that appears to be more royal and witch-like, much like a pop culture figure such as Maleficent. With a never-before-seen hairstyle that may have been drawn up before Elizabeth Banks was even cast, this design appears very different from anything that made its way on screen. Perhaps this signals that there were once other plans in place for Rita, prior to deciding that she would be the former Green Ranger gone evil.

The second concept art image sports the same hairstyle as the first, but features various costumes each appearing more bodysuit/armor like – drawing much closer resemblances to what would eventually become the final product.

Perhaps the most interesting image of the bunch is the third concept art piece, which may reveal original plans to make Rita more monster-like. In the film, Rita never really becomes a true monster after she’s brought back to life, but mostly stays human-like while changing out her bodily armor. However, the third concept art image appears to infer that there were once plans for Rita to transform into a true monster, much like Trakeena from the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy TV season.

The final concept art image shows Rita’s shriveled up form, similar to the form she took in the film when her body was retrieved from the ocean, before coming back to life.


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