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New Rejected Power Rangers Movie Suits

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now in theaters, but before the re-imagined Power Rangers came to fruition, Lionsgate hosted a number of conceptual artists to submit their designs for what would become the newest superhero suits.

Last month, concept artist Constantine Sekeris released his rejected suit designs (recap here), and today, ComicBook.com has revealed more suit designs which almost made the cut, but just missed out – this time from artist Mauricio Ruiz.

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Fans can check out Ruiz’s Red Ranger suit designs above, which depict the same trend that has been constant across all the designs, both the rejected and final versions that made it on-screen: Lionsgate was clearly aiming for a suit that would morph onto the Power Rangers in a very organic, extraterrestrial way.

Ruiz explained his idea for the suits as trying to mimic an organic motorcycle racing suit.

“The goal was aiming for an organic motorcycle racing suit type of thickness and weight to the forms.”

Despite being unable land the final on-screen product for Power Rangers, Ruiz does have experience designing similar artwork for franchises including R.I.P.D., and Monster Trucks.

Saban’s Power Rangers is in theaters now. Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

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