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New S.P.D. Team Revealed

Meet the all-new team of Power Rangers S.P.D.!

In the time since the show has ended, BOOM! Studios has gone a long way in furthering the mythology of one of the most popular Power Rangers’ seasons.

In a special Christmas card from Hasbro, fans got their first look at where the Power Rangers S.P.D. B-Squad stands today.

•The Red Ranger is still Bridge Carson, the former Green & Blue Ranger who rose up through the ranks and still dons the team leader suit as seen in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive‘s ‘Once A Ranger’.
•The Blue Ranger is Lina Song, making the Blue Ranger a female character. Lina Song is a character featured in Power Rangers Hyperforce.
•The Green Ranger is JJ Oliver, the son of Tommy Oliver who becomes a Power Ranger in BOOM! Studios’ graphic novel Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon.
•The Yellow Ranger is still Z Delgado.
•The Pink Ranger is still Syd Drew.

The most interesting part of the Christmas card comes in the form of a new Ranger. That Ranger would be the Deka Ranger, also known as Sky Tate, the former Blue Ranger who’s taken Commander Cruger’s spot atop Space Patrol Delta’s Earth branch. Sky has a brand new Power Ranger suit, with strong resemblances to the Shadow Ranger suit donned by Commander Cruger.

Sky’s new Ranger suit is another variation of red, with an ‘X’ design on his chest to represent the number 10. Sky’s new Ranger suit also features an arrow on the left side of his suit to represent the Power Rangers Time Force Red Ranger, a suit briefly worn by Sky’s father in a scene from Power Rangers S.P.D.

Sky Tate’s new Deka Ranger suit.

Some fans may notice that the Red Ranger’s suit also appears slightly different. While this is the Red Ranger in SWAT Mode, it’s also a slightly different version known as ‘Fire Squad’ that was featured in Super Sentai’s Dekaranger: 10 Years After. That suit is now canon in the Power Rangers universe as Bridge sports it in the Christmas card above.

Today, Command Cruger still sits atop Space Patrol Delta as the Supreme Commander following Commander Birdie’s retirement.

Also seen on Hasbro’s Christmas card is RIC 3.0, the latest version of Power Rangers S.P.D.‘s lovable canine companion.

The Christmas card was released by Hasbro as a way to promote BOOM! Studios’ most recent graphic novel, Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, and continue furthering the storylines that the comic book universe has established.

While there are no plans to feature Sky’s new Ranger suit in any immediate stories, the character could always make a surprise appearance in a storyline, or scene, down the road.

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Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon follows the original Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, in retirement with Katherine and leaving protecting the world to Space Patrol Delta–including his son, JJ. But when Jake disappears, presumed dead after an undercover mission goes wrong, Tommy will call on all his training, his friends, and maybe even some of his enemies as he sets out on one last mission: find his son and bring him home.

The story was written by Kyle Higgins.

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22 thoughts on “New S.P.D. Team Revealed

    1. He is helping those who are struggling on the streets. The common folk that aren’t a foe but someone who may be suffering from their unfortunate life events or even those affected by war or even a destructive battle/conflict (e.g. maybe even caused by a zord fight). A relief effort is as noble as defending a Planet. He may even be travelling the galaxy to help others instead of just staying on Earth.

  1. This is a set of great idea’s that with’s Boom track will continue too see Power Rangers into a great new era

    1. Maybe Hasbro can make a Netflix original series out of this. (hey, who’s to say they can’t do that while they can also produce their usual television series?)

  2. Hideous. *shivers* BOOM, you know how to make fans happy. Just slap a dragon shield on a Green SPD Ranger. Get the hell out of here.

    1. Its more to do with passing on the torch than it is to make a season “better”. Storyline just seems to fit to allow Tommy to retire while also making use of his power for future generations. Megaforce also received powers from previous rangers but in a different way.


    Also knew Lina would become the blue ranger, always nice to see more female blues 👍

  4. Wat blows my mind is hasbro and boom have done more amazing things to the PR franchise in the past year then saban and disney did in the past 25 years i think that shows that hasbro really does havr BIG PLANS!! For power rangers and I couldn’t be happier

  5. That would be awesome if that would be the 2nd season of S.P.D, and put it on tv or up on Netflix!!!! I would so watch that in a heartbeat! 😎😎😎

  6. This isn’t thebactial future because from what I’ve seen on pwer rangers supermegaforce legendary battle season finale Jack Landors came back as the red spd ranger Bridge returned to being the spd green and Sky who still had his promotion went backvto being blue they returned to there true xolors that spd line up is obviously in another alternate earth ir universe I believe JJ Oliver will become the new red zeo ranger.

  7. This isn’t the actual future because from what I’ve seen on power rangers supermegaforce legendary battle season finale Jack Landors came back as the red spd ranger Bridge returned to being the spd green and Sky who still had his promotion went back to being blue they returned to there true colors that spd line up is obviously in another alternate earth or universe I believe JJ Oliver will become the new red zeo ranger.

  8. If there is one thing I would love for Christmas, is to have DangerWoman make a guest appearance in one of the Power Rangers reunions.
    After all, DangerWoman is a Power Ranger Ally and heroic Guardian Angel to Tommy Oliver.
    Tommy asked DangerWoman if Katherine would be his bride. And, yes, she gave her blessing.
    She later became a god aunt to their son, JJ.

  9. From what I was told it takes place in another universe in an alternate future because Jack Landors is back as the spd red ranger Bridge is back as the spd green ranger Sky still has his promotion and is back in spd blue as revealed inthe season finale of supermegaforce legendary battle.

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