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New Super Ninja Steel Zords And Armor Revealed

Bandai America’s time producing Power Rangers toys may be limited, but the toy giant still has new products on the way for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel!

Coming this fall, fans can find brand new Zords and Armor as part of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel‘s toy line.

Each of the new toys features a unique, new design original to America. None of the products featured below were a part of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the Japanese Sentai season fueling the overseas adaption. As such, it is not expected that any of these toys will make an actual appearance in the show.

Up first, Bandai America will be releasing two new Zords – a Blue Sabertooth Zord and Orange Stegosaurus Zord. Each Zord will be Zord Builder compatible, allowing it to transform and interract with other Zords from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel‘s toy line.

Fans can find images of both new Zords below. Each Zord will retail at $19.99. The 5-inch action figures pictured are sold separately.

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Pre-order your Blue Sabertooth Zord!
Pre-order your Orange Stegosaurus Zord!

Bandai America will also be releasing two new action figures that feature the Red and Blue Ninja Steel Rangers with a special power-up. The Red Ranger will be equipped with a giant Ninja Power Star launcher, and the Blue Ranger will be equipped with a giant dragon-themed flamethrower.

While fans will immediately reminisce back to the days of Power Rangers receiving Battlizers, these toys are meant to combine action figures with oversized weapons that allow for action roleplay ability.

Fans can find images of both new armored-up action figures below. Each figure will retail at $14.99.

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Pre-order your Red Ranger!
Pre-order your Blue Ranger!

Bandai will continue to release Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys through the end of 2018. Hasbro’s first Power Rangers toys will begin to release in spring 2019.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is currently on hiatus. New episodes will return in fall 2018 on Nickelodeon.

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13 thoughts on “New Super Ninja Steel Zords And Armor Revealed

  1. Can wait for the fall new episodes of power rangers super ninja steel following a Halloween and Christmas special preview for the upcoming next season of power rangers beast morphers coming to nick in 2019 either in January or February love power rangers

  2. And someday I will get Bandai in trouble if they do not release Sub Surfer Ninja Steel Megazord or Sub Surfer Zord.

  3. This stuff is 100 times better than the actual show. Though, they need to be more Ninja-like, the only thing I enjoy about PR Super Ninja Steel are the designs of the suits and the weaponry.

  4. (1) Still no Sub Surfer Zord
    (2) Still no Orange T-Rex DinoNinjaZord like in the Sentai movies
    (3) Still no Legacy Shogon Megazord
    (4) Still no Legacy Tor the Suttlezord
    (5) Still no Legacy Serpentera Warzord
    That is incredibly disgusting, just like The Neo Saban Era itself.

    1. I understand, Nieves. Bandai should be finished by then. They have to manufacture the toys you mentioned and more Legacy Figures. Maybe Hasbro could use the same techniques as Bandai did but much more improved.

  5. I want Bandai to release the sub surfer zord already😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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